New Television Drama American Crime Premiering THURSDAY MARCH 5 on ABC


With writing, timing is everything. Being in the right place at the right time.

John Ridley

Above:  Benito Martinez — photo credit American Crime.

This powerful sneak peek trailer for a new television drama American Crime was heart wrenching for me to see. American Crime will be premiering this upcoming THURSDAY MARCH 5 10|9c on ABC.

3 things came across my thoughts while watching the impassioned performance from both Johnny Ortiz and Benito Martinez in the trailer:

1)     I put myself in the shoes of the parent (Benito Martinez) whose kid was being detained for the allegation of murder. The young man (Johnny Ortiz) was complaining about his father being overbearing — but the  patriarch made no apologies for his strict parenting.

2)     As the authorities were separating the child from his father in light of the allegation, I thought of the immigrants who were and are separated from relatives because of a clearly broken immigration system the Republicans have stalled and refused to fix. The broken immigration system criminalizes hard working immigrant fathers and mothers who were forced to be torn apart from their children until the Obama administration used his executive powers to give some relief to these families.

3)     Lastly, I thought about a friend of mine – Joaquin, who was falsely accused of a crime. My childhood friend had not yet even met the “victim” who was living in another state during the time of the allegation. I watched Joaquin’s mom and dad go through a living personal hell and watched them stand by the side of their only son…

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Hipsters are good for America?

Originally posted on The Daily Heresy:

Pop culture, politics and even sociology are all very much related, obviously. And no, I’m not just talking about protest songs, I want to show that the merit of art forms might even be a way of testing the sociological strength of their native cultures. How can this be shown? Well today, this fact can be illuminated by a peculiar specimen: hipsters. Because hipsters are a thing now, in fact, they’ve been a thing for a while, a very prevalent thing. The overabundance of mustachioed, modern day metros says a lot about the country they reluctantly call home.  But hipsters and America are indebted to each other. Maybe hipsters shouldn’t be wearing their American flag shirts ironically, maybe they are dependent on what that flag represents. Hipsters might be good for America, and a good America might be good for hipsters.  I argue that beautifully bizarre and eccentric populations take root in successful countries.  If you…

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What Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush doesn’t get about “millennials”

Originally posted on PandoDaily:


Millennials: They’re well-educated... wait, never mind they’re not well-educated enough. Maybe that’s why they’re bad with money. Oh wait, they’re actually pretty good with money. But they definitely don’t like marriage… just kidding, the percentage of millennials who want to get married is roughly the same as it was in the previous generation.

The point is, for all the emphasis brands place on targeting a demographic that apparently covers everybody from infants to thirty-somethings, the so-called millennial generation resists easy generalizations. Of course that hasn’t stopped the Internet thinkpiece machine from churning out wildly reductive articles on a daily basis about what millennials are and are not. The Guardian’s Nadja Popovich captured this absurd trend with her amazing “Millennial Madlibs” micro-site.

Now the latest “brand” — because let’s face it, that’s all a politician is — to explicitly target the millennial set is Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush. He just launched a website and Super PAC…

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How White Millennials Rely on Racist Policing

Originally posted on Black Millennials:

By Stefani Cox

The Bay Area is home to a wealth of protests on a seemingly weekly basis. For each protest, there are some people who get behind the action, and others don’t. The #BlackLivesMatter protests, which strive to raise awareness about the over-policing of black and brown people, unsurprisingly brought out both sides in full force, especially when public transit was shut down. However, I was surprised that among the usual dissenters frustrated by the inconvenience of direct action and protest, was an unexpected demographic – liberal white millennials.

In my own social media platforms, and through conversations observed in passing, I heard many comments similar to the one below.

annoyed white millennial

The gist usually captures some level of ideological support for the protests, but is combined with an expression of extreme annoyance at being inconvenienced. Often dissenters proffer a suggestion to take the protests elsewhere – to the police, to Congress, to anyone else…

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These Are the Terrible Mistakes You’re Making in Your Job Search

Originally posted on TIME:

Job seekers are feeling more confident about the economy and about their prospects, and more of them—especially young adults—report that they’re keeping an eye out for new employment opportunities even if they already have a decent job.

In a new survey, recruiting software company Jobvite finds that 45% of job seekers are satisfied with their current job, but open to jumping ship — and half of currently employed people looking for work characterize their current job as a “stepping stone” or “entry level,” a figure which jumps to more than 70% of job-seekers under the age of 30.

Here’s the rub: These people might not have as much success as they imagine if they engage in some of the behaviors Jobvite’s survey highlights.

Today’s job hunters treat the pursuit of career advancement almost the same way as they would buying something on Amazon, says Jobvite CEO Dan Finnigan.

“It’s almost…

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3 Minnesota Millennials Making A Difference

Originally posted on CBS Minnesota:

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Forbes recently ranked the Twin Cities in the top 10 for Millennials to live and work.

The metro area has ranked high on many lists for Millennials. That list, however, includes unemployment. Minnesota is fifth in unemployment for young professionals behind the Dakotas, Utah and Nebraska, according to a Joint Economic Committee Report led by Sen. Amy Klobuchar.

Unemployment for young prime age workers:

North Dakota: 3.7 percent
South Dakota 4.3 percent
Nebraska: 4.5 percent
Utah: 4.8 percent
Minnesota 5.4 percent

So, whether it’s wood, the world wide web, or helping a client with their latest “look,” WCCO This Morning’s Ali Lucia profiles three Minnesota millennials, all in their 20s, making a difference.


First, we take you to northeast Minneapolis, where Atlanta transplant Melissa Taylor was finally ready to get out on her own.

“We’re not like our parents. We don’t feel like we…

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Ben Carson Says Homosexuality Is A Choice, But You Won’t Believe His Shocking Reason Why

Originally posted on News One:

[ione_ndn_embed video_id= 28680755]

Famous neurosurgeon Ben Carson is no stranger to garnering a few side-eyes for questionable comments (remember when he said this), but his latest — an argument insisting homosexuality is a choice — is a major eyebrow-raiser.

Carson, who is said to be a potential Republican candidate for the 2016 presidential election, argued that being gay was a choice in an interview with CNNNew Day host Chris Cuomo. His reasoning — prison.

Yes, that happened.

“Because a lot of people who go into prison go into prison straight — and when they come out, they’re gay. So, did something happen while they were in there? Ask yourself that question,” Carson said.

That’s not how it works. That’s not how any of this works.

Carson continued, arguing that example alone “thwarts” the notion that being gay isn’t a choice. A curious case, given research from the 

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Obamacare clash reaches US high court

Originally posted on theGrio:

WASHINGTON (AP) — Supreme Court justices peppered opponents of President Barack Obama’s health care law with skeptical questions during oral arguments Wednesday on the latest challenge to the sweeping legislation.

Justice Anthony Kennedy, whose vote is seen as pivotal, suggested that the plaintiffs’ argument raises a “serious” constitutional problem affecting the relationship between states and the federal government.

The plaintiffs argue that only residents of states that set up their own insurance markets can get federal subsidies to help pay their premiums.

Millions of people could be affected by the court’s decision. The justices are trying to determine whether the law makes people in all 50 states eligible for federal tax subsidies to cut the cost of insurance premiums. Or, does it limit tax credits only to people who live in states that created their own health insurance marketplaces?

During oral arguments, the courts’ liberal justices also expressed doubts. In…

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The political triangle: Obama, Netanyahu and Iran

Originally posted on Life as we know it:

America is a great country to live, and Obama is a great President. He inherited a country that was in debt and entrenched in two wars. He’s grown the economy by 24% and shrunk the deficit by $200 billion, thanks to a fairer tax code. He’s tackled affordable health care, protected the rights of immigrants born and raised in America, and helped create 10 million jobs. On the international stage, he stands up for human rights. Obama achieved all this despite fierce resistance from Congress almost every step of the way.

I was never more ashamed of America’s elected officials than yesterday, when watching Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu speak in front of Congress. Negociations with Iran and 6 other international players regarding its nuclear capabilities are at a “delicate stage”. Iran wants to use nuclear power, and the world wants access to the nuclear power reactors to make sure…

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Celebrity Culture 

Originally posted on Mancunian Matters:

In an attempt to come up with something interesting to write about from mynondescriptday, consisting of too manyinsipid cups of tea, and too much physics and maths for my science and maths hating brain to deal with, I found myself googling what is trending right now in the UK on google.

I don’t know what I was expecting but I was certainly shocked to discover right now in the UK the most trending search is David Walliams. Why on earth google David Walliams, the least talented britains not got talent judge, corny comedian at 4oclock on a Wednesday? Curiously I decided to join the thousands and I shamefully typed into google David Walliams.

According to the daily mail and the other airhead gossip collums that came up there is an outrage as our “beloved David Walliams breaks up with his girlfriend”

Come on England please don’t tell…

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Carson says being gay is a choice — citing prisons

Originally posted on OnPolitics:

Ben Carson (Associated Press) Ben Carson (AP)

Prospective Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson is getting quite a bit of scientific pushback for his comment that being gay is a choice — and citing prisons as evidence.

“Because a lot of people who go into prison go into prison straight — and when they come out, they’re gay,” Carson told CNN on Wednesday. “So, did something happen while they were in there? Ask yourself that question.”

Scientists say that people have no choice about sexual orientation and are particularly critical of Carson’s prison comment.

“The fundamental assumption of the analogy he’s using is insane,” said Helen Eigenberg, a professor of criminal justice at the University of Tennessee who has been studying sexuality and incarceration for about 25 years, reports The Washington Post. “I don’t know of any research that substantiates the [claim] that men go to prison and come out gay. There’s no data to support that…

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Masculine Genital Mutilation

Originally posted on MujeresMundi:


The misery of Machismo (Sexism) comes to unprecedented limits, when in addition to acting out its violence, it tries to present advances in equality as an attack against men. Under this idea, they present themselves as “peaceful victims of an oppressive matriarchy” and call those that work for equality “feminazis” and other derogatory terms as well as other names in the traditional “database” of insults.

But it goes way beyond that, this attitude that we have now-a-days.

Each year at this time, together with the commemoration of “The International Day of Zero Tolerance of Female Genital Mutilation” (February 6), the chauvinist attempts to introduce confusion by comparing genital mutilation of women in its various forms (from the clitoridectomy to infibulation) to circumcision, which is practiced by many men as part of cultural rituals that are performed in different countries.

There is much moral misery behind that approach

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Racked: The Fall of the Hipster Brand

Originally posted on The Wrong Coast:

racked urban outfitters hipster cultureGetty Images

“‘Urban Outfitters and American Apparel did a good job of commodifying the earliest kind of hipster—the Vice-reading, PBR-swilling, trucker-hat-wearing twentysomething,’ she says. ‘But they have not successfully evolved to meet the needs of the new wave that cares about authenticity and buys products from brands that have a strong ethical core.'”
“But it’s clear that something’s amiss. Outfits on display are an unfocused mix of influences, many of which constitute watered-down appropriation.”

Check out this great article on Racked about the passing of the Urban Outfitters age.

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Medicare drug costs continue to shrink under ObamaCare

Originally posted on Eideard:

ObamaCare has led to substantial savings in prescription drug costs and a strong increase in the use of preventive services…

“Our parents and grandparents on Medicare saved more than $15 billion on prescription drugs since President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act in 2010,” Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell said.

Those savings amount to nearly $1,600 per person enrolled in Medicare — an increase from about $1,400 in average savings last year…

Under ObamaCare, recipients in the “doughnut hole” receive a rebate or discount from the government to help them save on prescription drug costs until the gap can ultimately be closed.

Burwell also highlighted the growing use of preventive healthcare coverage under ObamaCare — another top issue for the administration. Many provider groups only signed onto healthcare reform with the promise that preventive care would be a central tenet.

Nearly 40 million people have used at…

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Applying for College Financial Aid – not for the faint of heart

Originally posted on Abaris Financial Group LLC:

My son turns 18 this month and will graduate from high school in June.  Like his older sister, he applied to a range of schools – public and private, near and far.  This means our family is once again “baring all” as we apply for financial aid.

If your family has never been through the process, it can be daunting.  It would be terrific if every school required the exact same information at exactly the same time.  But there is no single road map to follow – each school sets its own deadlines, requests different information and may ask for that information in a range of formats.  There is nothing like firsthand experience to fully appreciate my clients’ angst as they navigate this process each year.  This is our family’s third year applying for aid and I still find it challenging.

Much is asked of the students and parents –…

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“The GOP’s Obsession With Words”: Those Who Suggest Obama Doesn’t Use The Words They Prefer, ‘He’s Not One Of Us’

Originally posted on

I am truly fascinated with the GOP’s obsession with words over actions. It actually goes back much further than the recent nonsense about what President Obama calls the members of ISIS.

Does anyone remember this?

Even people who acknowledge George Bush’s failings point to that as one of the great moments of his presidency. But by 2002, here’s what he said at a press conference.

Asked about the hunt for Bin Laden at a March, 2002 press conference, Bush said, “I truly am not that concerned about him. I am deeply concerned about Iraq.” “I really just don’t spend that much time on him, to be honest with you,” Bush added.

By that time, President Bush wanted to invade Iraq and wasn’t that interested in the “people who knocked these buildings down.” That task was left to President Obama.

Ten years after 9/11 came the attack on the U.S…

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