teabagger Alert !! – ‘Congressman Tells Black Constituent He’s Not Sure The Civil Rights Act Is Constitutional’

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rep ted yoho

And of course we ALL know that the teabaggers really know the Constitution….don’t they?

‘Rep. Ted Yoho (R-FL), a freshman congressman aligned with the Tea Party, held a town hall Monday evening in Gainesville where he fielded a wide range of questions from constituents. One such voter was Melvin Flournoy, a 57-year-old African American from Gainesville, who asked Yoho whether he believes the Civil Rights Act is constitutional’.
From : http://thinkprogress.org/justice/2014/04/15/3426672/ted-yoho-civil-rights-act/

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attribution: Huffington Post

I’m not sure if his plan will work against this powerful (deep pockets) organization, but I admire his efforts…

The New York Times

Bloomberg Plans a $50 Million Challenge to the N.R.A.

Michael R. Bloomberg, making his first major political investment since leaving office, plans to spend $50 million this year building a nationwide grass-roots network to motivate voters who feel strongly about curbing gun violence, an organization he hopes can eventually outmuscle the National Rifle Association.

Mr. Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York, said gun control advocates need to learn from the N.R.A. and punish those politicians who fail to support their agenda — even Democrats whose positions otherwise align with his own.

“They say, ‘We don’t care. We’re going to go after you,’ ” he said of the N.R.A. “ ‘If you don’t vote with us we’re going to go after your kids and your grandkids…

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Young Men Debunk Negative Racial Stereotypes In “Suit and Tie” Video

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A group of young Black and Latino men are letting the world know that they are far from the image of violent, uneducated and unkempt individuals that the media often makes them out to be.

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 11.22.47 AMDressed in suits, button-down shirts and bow ties while serving plenty of bravado, 34 juniors and seniors from Illinois’ Central High School recently created a short video called “Suit & Tie In The 217″ to combat the negative stereotypes they face regularly — and we love every second of it!

Set to the Justin Timberlake/Jay Z collaboration “Suit & Tie,” the teens show off their superb style while the messages “we are not gangsters and thugs,” “we are employees and volunteers,” “we are scholars” and “we are athletes” appear across the screen. To be specific, they are Honor Roll students, poets, future collegiate athletes and National Honor Society members, just to name a few…

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Of Course There’s No Republican War On Women – ‘Prominent Republican: Women Need To Be Paid Less So They Can Find Husbands’

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war on women10

phyllis schaffery1

‘On Sunday, Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) sought to advance the GOP’s rebranding effort among female voters by suggesting that Republicans have long “led the fight for women’s equality.”

‘The statement came just days after Republicans voted down the Paycheck Fairness Act and sought to downplay the problem of equal pay for equal work by suggesting that Democrats were using the issue to distract from Obamacare’.

‘Now three days later, a prominent member of the Republican movement further undermined the party’s campaign to appeal to women voters by suggesting that the current pay gap isn’t wide enough’.

‘Phyllis Schlafly — the founder of the Eagle Forum’ :

“Suppose the pay gap between men and women were magically eliminated. If that happened, simple arithmetic suggests that half of women would be unable to find what they regard as a suitable mate”.

“Obviously, I’m not saying women won’t date or marry a lower-earning…

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image Global awareness is an essential element that I would like to be a part of my proposed academy. I believe awareness sparks profound curiosity which is a beautiful thing that will afford our scholars the opportunity to explore, inquire, learn and experience the many wonders of the world. As global citizens, we have an obligation to continuously step outside of our comfort zones in order to evolve and expand our thinking. This is when learning truly begins!

Another essential element I would want integrated into my school is a HOLISTIC APPROACH to teaching and learning. Any child that walks through the front door or sneaks thorough the back door, will be embraced whole heartedly. There will be an academic, social, and emotional component all of which will EQUALLY be addressed. Each of these components will be infused into a rigorous and meaningful curriculum. The social and emotional piece will be…

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How to find the Media course for you

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Sharon Boyd takes a look at the huge range of different university courses available to those looking to start out in the media industries:

Media Student

It is clear that there are a wide range of media based degrees that exist and every University course is going to differ in what they teach you and how they teach you. Some degrees tend to be heavily theory based, while others focus more on the practical aspects of the media, and still others blend both theory and practice together. When researching what degree to choose prospective students need to understand what they are actually applying to do, and often there is a bombardment of search results which can make it hard to know where to start.

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Life decision #1: Texting people back. Or not.

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Okay, maybe this seems a little more like an everyday decision, but I’m the one writing this. Back off.

First of all, let me start by saying it used to annoy the heck out of me when people wouldn’t text me back. And when I say ‘people,’ I mean the girls I was interested in. I don’t want to seem like a hypocrite. Truth is, this is kind of a new thing for me. And it’s freeing. The guy who got annoyed by people not texting back now sucks tremendously at texting people back. And he likes it.

The year: 2004. The place: a high school locker room.

“Dude! I got a phone!”

[shoves phone in friend's face]

“That’s great, John. Have you tried texting?”

“No. I’ve heard about it though. Seems kind of pointless. Why wouldn’t I just call you?”

“Because it’s cool to text. Everybody’s doing it.”


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10 Realizations You’ll Have As You Near The End Of College

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1. Some of the classmates you once respected and admired might turn out to be less noble than you had hoped. Some of the classmates you initially blew off as strange, socially inept, or annoying might turn out to be among the greatest people you should’ve gotten to know better. At any rate, you’ll learn that first impressions might go a long way in forming reputations but that they are ultimately meaningless.

2. Your body will no longer be able to handle the vicious rise, rage, repeat cycle you put it through during the first couple of years in college. As a freshman, you used to brag about how many times you could go out in a given week. At the end of college, you begin to brag about how many hours of sleep you can manage in any week.

3. Speaking of sleep, never underestimate the importance…

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Change for Voters in Georgia… stay informed

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Georgia has reshuffled the 2014 Election Calendar… here’s what you need to know to avoid voter frustration.

  • The primary election date was moved up from July to May 20th. 
  • The general election is still in November 4 commonly referred to as Super Tuesday. 
  • You must complete voter registration on or before April 21st to vote in the May 20th Primary.
  • Primary early voting is April 28th-May 16th.
  • Primary run-off election is July 22nd.
  • General early voting is October 13th-31st.
  • You must complete voter registration on or before October 6th to vote on Super Tuesday. 

 Want more info on voter eligibility, voter registration, polling sites please visit http://www.mvp.sos.ga.gov 




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Ready for Hillary

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2016 is coming, folks!

I’m ready for Hillary!

She’s everything in a leader that I’ve been looking for.  I think she could be amazing for this country!  She’s proven in the past how instrumental she can be and you better believe she’s got my vote!

(Read: Here’s where she stands on the issues)

Who are you looking forward to in 2016?

Hillary Clinton 2016!
Hillary Clinton 2016!

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