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Here Comes Another Paul Ryan Budget

Originally posted on Hillary Clinton Meme:

Here Comes Yet Another Paul Ryan Budget

Here Comes Another Paul Ryan Budget

        Another year and another budget by Congressman Paul Ryan with the usual cuts to Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, Food Stamps & Student Loans to create tax cuts for the wealthy 1% to enhance his presidential ambitions.

Show Paul Ryan the love;

Washington DC Phone: 202-225-3031
Janesville, WI. Toll Free Phone: (888) 909-RYAN (7926)

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Think Beyond Ideology

Originally posted on The Midnight Zone:

From my experiences in politics, whether its consuming the news or discussing any political issues with peers, I find it strange that most people tend to think along the lines of ideology.  Ideology Thinking

What I mean by this is that many people tend to support ideas that fall into their ideology. For example, if someone is mostly concerned about economic policy, and they happen to support budget cuts and deficit reduction measures, they may also be more likely to oppose gun control. I should add that this occurrence is common across both dominant ideologies.

I’m not sure if this is just because the voting system is structured that way or if these ideas are just reinforced by partisan media outlets or if people just agreed with what their friends think, etc. Whatever the cause of this trend may be, I would argue that this does intellect and rational thinking a disservice.

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Making Sure That Students Have Money for College is a Full Time Job

Originally posted on The Studemont Group College Funding Solutions:

The high costs of a college education are not just in the tuition. Housing, food, clothes, and other expenses have to be factored in with the burden that many low and middle-income families have to think about. Paying for all of it usually strains finances and results in some taking crippling student loans that stay with them long after they have graduated.

However, there is a way to acquire free money for college. Financial aid programs are available for many students, while college scholarship programs are also a great way to ameliorate costs. The problem is how to maneuver through all the requirements and competing programs. Thankfully, there are college funding specialists like the Studemont Group and others who can help families make the right choices with college payment plans. With the right planning, students will not have to worry about where their college money will come from.

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Your present self will thank you

Originally posted on The millennial condition:


I haven’t been living.

Well, I’m not exactly a face chomping zombie like on The Walking Dead, but I really haven’t been living. Not in the present moment at least. Not where it counts.

I graduated college in 2010 and since that time I have wanted to be a lawyer, radiologist, teacher, move to China and teach English, become a nurse, etc.

The beautiful thing about those choices I have made is that they are always in the future, there is always more time to decide. The real choice was always law school since forever and I found a way to put it all off, to put off the studying and then to put off the LSAT and then to put off the applications and then once they came to put off the acceptances, just buying myself another couple weeks, months, years. As I am writing this, even still, I have…

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This Describes A Good Bit of Millennials & Also Shows You How to Save the Rainforest

Originally posted on The United States of K:

Apparently I’m behind on this one as it was published in 2012, but regardless, this is awesome – Especially the “cliche gringo fantasy of becoming an honorary native and leading the resistant forces” part. More great marketing – proven by the fact it’s still being seen two years later.

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Turn Texas Blue – ‘As Wendy Davis Surges Panicked GOP Considers Investigating Greg Abbott’s Pay Discrimination’

Originally posted on The Last Of The Millenniums:

turn texas blue2

‘The Republican candidate to be the next governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, has found himself in hot water after the Wendy Davis campaign pounced on him for his refusal to say whether or not he would veto the state’s equal pay bill’ .

Texas Republicans managed to make things even worse by claiming that women earn less than men because they are, “bad negotiators.”

‘Things got even worse for Abbott when a study found that his attorney general’s office pays women less than men’.

‘As the equal pay controversy was catching fire, a new poll was released that showed support for Wendy Davis surging’.

‘Texas Senate Democrats turned up the heat by sending a letter to Republican Lt. Governor David Dewhurst asking him to launch a senate investigation into pay discrimination in Abbott’s office’.

‘Dewhurst said the letter sounded a lot like “gotcha politics,” but that he would consider…

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Living in the Moment

Originally posted on Shalee Wanders.:


My toes curled in the warm sand of a hot January summer day. The beach was crowded, the surfers plentiful and the accents so incredibly hot.

I had dreamed all my life of sitting on beach like this.

My eyes openly wondered the surrounding scenes, however my brain could not seem to comprehend that this was in fact reality. It seemed as if I was watching an incredibly detailed webcam and soon I would be brought back to Michigan by the sound of a car door or the smell of my mother’s cooking.

But then I listened…I could hear no car and smell no cooking. I heard the same waves as the people from the webcam and smelled only a hint of salt in the air from the ocean…that’s when it hit me.

It was real.

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Texas Race Is Getting Nasty But I Dont Have Time For That…I’m Literally In Love With Wendy Davis

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Political junkies everywhere have their eye on the Texas gubernatorial race between rising Democratic star Wendy Davis and Texas Attorney General Gregg Abbott, the Republican . I’m going to get into the campaign stuff, but first I need to address something more important…

After several days of extremely deep thought followed by alcohol consumption I can only come to one conclusion…I’m madly in love with Wendy Davis. She doesn’t play games, went to Harvard, a skilled public speaker, and not to mention she’s more than just “government hot”.

Government Hot:Someone who is hotconsidering they’re a government official.  Example would be Sarah Palin. In ordinary life, maybe she has some librarian swag with extra appeal of being an Eskimo snow warrior princess, but really just average in normal society.

Wendy is actually pretty, not just for government, but in general.  Add in the brains plus…

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More Than $100,000 Raised for Shanesha Taylor, Homeless Mom Accused of Leaving Kids in Car During Job Interview

Originally posted on GOOD BLACK NEWS:

shanesha taylorMore than $100,000 has been pledged to help Shanesha Taylor, 35, a single mother from Arizona who was arrested last month after allegedly leaving her 2-year-old and 6-month-old sons alone in a hot car while she went on a job interview because she was unable to find a babysitter.

Taylor was charged with two counts of child abuse. She has pleaded not guilty and was released on bail posted by a stranger, her lawyer told Wednesday. Her two boys are now in state care.  Her tearful mug shot has brought attention to issues facing the nation’s poor and unemployed, especially single mothers.

Amanda Bishop, a New Jersey woman who does not know Taylor, felt compelled to help. She launched an online fundraising campaign in support of Taylor, with pledges now totaling more than $106,000.  “There are some of us that feel that Shanesha was in an unfortunate situation…

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