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4 Things You Should Know About The Democrat Who Has Just Kicked Off The 2016 Elections

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Hillary Clinton has been crowned by many as the presumptive Democratic nominee for 2016, but there are other Democratic hopefuls out there. On Thursday one of them became the first potential candidate to form an exploratory committee, the first step in the long run for the presidency.

That man is former Virginia Senator Jim Webb. You may remember him as the guy who served one term in Senate between 2007 and 2013, and chose not to seek re-election. Webb served in the Reagan administration as Secretary of the Navy but ran as a Democrat for senate in 2006. In his announcement video, Webb highlighted his bipartisan roots, his military history, and made a generally centrist argument as to why he is considering a run for the presidency. Here are a few more things you should know about…

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House Republicans Sue To Raise Health Care Costs For Poor Americans

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House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) | CREDIT: AP PHOTO/J. SCOTT APPLEWHITE

I’m concerned about the Bulls**t  factor that politicians have served to it’s constituents since the beginning of this Republic.

House Speaker Boehner seems especially adept at this factor even better than most.  When will Americans wake up and see they’re being duped over and over again.  I favor no one party in this assessment.  They are all the same when it comes to the Bulls**t factor.

Think Progress

House Republicans filed a long-awaited lawsuit against the Obama administration on Friday, arguing that the president has inappropriately acted without congressional authority to implement parts of the health care reform law. If it’s successful, the lawsuit could increase out-of-pocket costs for millions of vulnerable Americans who already struggle to afford health services — even though the GOP has repeatedly accused the law of making coverage too expensive.

According to the legal…

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21 Things You Should Know About Money In Your 20s

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In your 20s, anything is possible. At least, that’s what it feels like, right? For many, this decade means everything from graduating college and taking adventures to starting careers and families. With all these new beginnings, it’s equally important to start getting into some smart financial habits, too. Recently, we asked Missouri Credit Union employees what advice they wish they would have taken when they were in their 20s. Here’s what they had to say:

  1. Always enroll in the employers’ 401k plan, especially if they’re contributing or matching your deposits. -Jenn Clark, Personal Financial Officer
  1. Start saving for retirement with an IRA. -Tessa Wacker, Branch Manager
  1. You may think putting away $10 here and there will never add up but it does! Create special savings accounts for specific goals, like vacations or buying a home. -Sara Sauro, Branch Manager
  1. Open a college savings account on the day…

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It’s All About the Likes

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In today’s world, we are a generation consumed by social media and it seems like a “like” means everything. “Virtually every Web site that governs our social interactions these days puts numbers front and center, like a bold-faced, numerical tally of your precise social worth” (Dewey). We count the number of followers on Twitter and the number of friends we have on Facebook. Even recent additions to the social media community like Yik Yak allow people to upvote or downvote (similarly to Reddit), deeming a post popular depending on how many upvotes it gets. These numbers are largely responsible for the anxieties that people feel with social media use. Numerical feedback impacts our behavior and in the last several years, social media is a large culprit of social anxieties among billions of people. Consequently, people create online versions of themselves so that they can get more friends or “likes.”…

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Why are Millennials Leaving the Church?: A Personal Reflection

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I am a Millennial. I grew up in the Church. I made a conscious decision to “leave” the Church. And somehow, I’ve ended up attending Yale Divinity School in pursuit of my Masters of Divinity. I’m sure it will all make sense one day.

I know what you must be thinking, here’s another article about the age-old debate. Most of these obnoxious articles are written by someone within the Church who don’t identify as a millennial. As a millennial, who has left the Church, I have some things to say about this. Let me be clear, I’m not stating that all millennials feel this way, or all Churches are inherently harmful. This is just my reflection of my personal experiences.

So, why is it so problematic that Millennials are leaving the Church? What is at stake?

Yes, I know that’s a loaded question. I’ve seen countless rants in blogs, Facebook posts…

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Millennials: The Definition of Flexibility

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One of the keynote speakers at the PRSSA National Conference was Pam Jenkins who is the President for Powell Tate. Her company works in “strategic communications and public affairs.” She spoke about Millennials and how they would change the idea of public relations, marketing and the work world. She talked about the excitement she had for Millennials and where they would take public relations.

After listening to what she said, it got me thinking about why. Why does she think we will change public relations, marketing and the work world? What about us gets her excited? And why are we different and what makes us different from the generations before us?

This picture is from The Charis Group and From

The next day at the conference the keynote speakers were Thomas W. Hoog, Vice Chair, Training and New Business, Hill+Knowlton Strategies and Maril Gagen MacDonald, Chief Executive Officer and Founder…

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Was my masters degree worth it? Yes, but not how you think

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A person's feet walking on newspapers. A quote over it that reads, "If you think education is expensive, try ignorance." by Derek Bok
From Flickr Creative Commons: Celestine Chua

Disclaimer: I was one of the fortunate who had my masters degree almost fully-funded by the organization I worked for. But that doesn’t mean it didn’t cost me; I still had to put a lot of time into my schoolwork and my classes were held an hour from my home, so there was a lot of driving involved.

I often speak to professionals who are torn on whether or not to go for a higher degree. In most cases, a higher degree in the short-term (5 years) probably won’t result in a raise or a promotion. So, they often ask, is it really worth it?

In aggregate, the higher the education level you attain in the U.S., the lower your employment rate and the higher your income will be. So, generally speaking, even if you don’t see a short-term gain for earning a higher degree…

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The Right-Wing (nuts) Immigration Freakout

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Goold old WND, ( aka “wingnut news daily) is having the expected freakout party over Obama’s announcement to shield from deportation, for 3 years, some 4million immigrants who have children that are US citizens. All but two of their lead articles are on the subject (with one on the Affordable Care Act and one simply shameless advertising of goods they sell).

If you have the stomach for it, I highly advise reading through the comments of the articles- the level of ignorance, intolerance, and hate is breathtaking, especially coupled with the twisted words of people claiming to be “”Christians”

‘Caesar Obama’ makes U.S. 3rd-World country – (written by Pat Buchanan)




‘YOU CANNOT REPEAL 30 MILLION PEOPLE’ U.S. border filmmaker: ‘Americans…

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Obama Expected to Shield 5 Million Immigrants from Deportation in Executive Action

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President Barack Obama will announce his long-promised executive action on immigration reform Thursday evening in a primetime address to the nation, the White House said. Obama’s action will defer deportations for roughly five million who reside in the United States illegally, advocates familiar with Obama’s move said.

In a video posted to Facebook, Obama said he would address the nation at 8 p.m. on Thursday. He will then travel to a high school in Las Vegas on Friday.

“What I’m going to be laying out is the things that I can do with my lawful authority as president to make the system work better even as I continue to work with Congress and encourage them to get a bipartisan comprehensive bill that can solve the entire problem,” Obama said.

Obama announced in June that he would take executive action by the end of the summer, saying House Speaker John Boehner…

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