Rachel Maddow on Newtie's Campaign Scam & Tea Party Scams

Grinch Police Berate Little Kids For Christmas Carol Singing At Speaker Boehner’s Office

Posted by Somos Independents See this video where police berate little kids for singing at Speaker Boehner‘s Office. This is outreach from the GOP and Reince Priebus for the #Women and Hispanic Voters?  Do these Republicans think they will appearl to the women…

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The Question Is Not “Can The President Stop ALL Deportations?” The Question Is “What Will Happen If He Does?”

Posted by Somos Independents I like what Alex Mones has to say below because I have somewhat similar views.   Some folks (few but loud) want Obama to cram some sort of immigration order down GOP throats — but let me remind you that some Americans felt like Obamacare was crammed down their throats in 2010 which is why the Tea Party coalesced and organized more and took over the House of Representatives.  Those few have short-term memories, and if they want a  Republican President, then they should continue to support for President Obama to “cram” something down GOP’s throats. But those of us who are independent key swing voters with a…

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Key Swing Independent, Women & Hispanic Voters Take Closer Look at Jenifer Garrison (Rep. Bill Johnson’s Opponent)

Posted by Somos Independents There are more women voters than male voters in the United States. We live longer than men. Ohio women leaders are already putting their  2014/ 2016 strategic election hats on because the mostly male House of Representatives are not quick to fix broken issues under Ohio Republican Speaker John Boehner’s direction. It’s time for Women Voters to take a closer look at Jennifer Garrison of Ohio.  She is running against Republican Rep. Bill Johnson in a key competitive race.  Women voters ought to remember that not one single Republican Presidential candidate has made the White House without Ohio, and we view Ohio as the heart of a…

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Republicans Who Cut Food Stamps For Common Poor American Supported Corporate Welfare Via Farm Subsidies

by Dee Dee Garcia Blase Food welfare hypocrisy is astounding. There is something terribly ass backwards about Republicans who cut food stamps to common and poor American people.  Yet, millions and millions of dollars are given in the name of Farm Subsidies…

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Mexican Physicist Doing Academic Research In Europe Responds to Lorenzo Garcia University of Texas Immigrant Controversy

Said Rahimzadeh-Kalaleh Rodriguez, Mexican Physicist doing academic research in Europe. by Dee Dee Garcia Blase In perusing the responses by people who have been following the Lorenzo Garcia University of Texas story, a comment made by Said Rahimzadeh-Kalaleh Rodriguez is a gem…

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National Mexican American/Latino Voter Group Blasts Republican House Majority Leader John Boehner For Delaying Immigration Reform

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Election Day — November 14, 2013, DeeDee Garcia Blase, Communications – 480-200-3748 info@nationaltequilapartymovement.com Phoenix, AZ — Somos Independents is a national group of key swing registered…

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What a difference a few months can make. After debating which city could be the right fit for TGM, we at Generation ME are excited to announce that we have chosen our newest home. What better place, than the greatest stage of them all, “New York City.”

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Mexican-American / Woman-led Organization Slams Republican For Using Derogatory Term “Wetback”

For Immediate Release info@nationaltequilapartymovement.com Shirl Mora James, President – Civil Rights and Immigration Lawyer DeeDee Garcia Blase, Communications Phoenix, AZ – We are disappointed to learn that Republicans are still using derogatory terms that predate the Civil Rights era. We consider the…

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