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TGM Network

TGM Network coming this year?

There has been many rumors lately on a new kind of website/social media hybrid web page. But what does that mean exactly and how would it work? Well, according to co-founder of TGM Jerry Stone it will be a platform like no other of it’s kind. “imagine a platform for activist and all people where they can organize and come together for a common goal. A place where there voices will be heard and shared to the world.”-Jerry Stone. According to many loyal readers and followers they are excited about the new Hybrid site.

TGM Network is schedule to launch late 2014.

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National Day of Protest

For more information about this event please contact the March for Andy Lopez group.

Please note that the best way to honor Andy Lopez is to organize and protest in a peaceful matter. Tgm is not responsible for this ad or in anyway involve with the organization of this event. We solely serve as a stage for many wonderful organizations and their wonderful causes. 

Joaquin Luna Jr.: El Dia De Los Muertos Event This Saturday At Garden of Angels Cemetery – Mexican-American Times

Family Members of Joaquin Luna Jr. Family via Nina Hinojosa prepare for El Dia de los Muertos

by on Nov. 01, 2013

We are approaching the two year anniversary of when Joaquin Luna Jr., (undocumented DREAM Act student)  took his life because he felt he had no hope.   Mexican Americans have a DREAM Act poster child and his name is Joaquin Luna Jr. whom we hope is interceding in heaven on behalf of legal comprehensive immigration reform.

If you are wondering why there may be a bit of a mournful spirit in the air — it is because many are remembering their loved ones during the beginning of November with regard to El Dia de los Muertos…. Read more here




What a difference a few months can make. After debating which city could be the right fit for TGM, we at Generation ME are excited to announce that we have chosen our newest home. What better place, than the greatest stage of them all, “New York City.”


Mexican-American / Woman-led Organization Slams Republican For Using Derogatory Term “Wetback”

For Immediate Release
Shirl Mora James, President – Civil Rights and Immigration Lawyer

DeeDee Garcia Blase, Communications

Phoenix, AZ – We are disappointed to learn that Republicans are still using derogatory terms that predate the Civil Rights era. We consider the term “wetback” offensive. According to the Washington Post, Rep. Don Young (R-Alaska), in an interview with a local radio station released Thursday, referred to Latinos working on a ranch by using the derogatory term “wetbacks.”

The ousted and former Republican Senator Russell Pearce also proudly used this derogatory term despite being told it was offensive. This is precisely why Mexican-Americans who account for almost 70% of the entire Latino population pie are leaving the Republican Party and this is precisely why members of SOMOS REPUBLICANS joined a new movement via SOMOS INDEPENDENTS. In fact, the GOP has not yet reversed their restrictionist and protectionist anti-immigrant platform they adopted in 2012.

About the National Tequila Party Movement:

The National Tequila Party Movement (now known as SOMOS INDEPENDENTS is a woman-led political movement. More females vote in Presidential elections than men strong Latina matriarchs are emerging. It is our goal to communicatto females and Latina matriarchs across the nation with regard to the need for compassion towards undocumented immigrants and the need to fix the broken immigration system. The Tequila Party is currently organizing a national tour of concerts, events, dinners and college rallies that will encourage a massive Latino Get Out The Vote and political participation. This movement is a non-partisan movement. We don’t care how people vote, we just want them to get on the early ballot system, become consistent primary and general election voters.



The purpose of this event is to inform the public/community about how the undocumented community is no longer afraid to publicly declare their legal status, and to live with their legal status upfront.
It’s an open-mic event where everybody is invited to come and declare their legal status and state that we are unafraid, students and parents as well as allies.

We will start with a short speech from the legal director introducing the event and a few special speakers
We invite you to bring your cap and gowns on promoting higher education.

The event will take from 30 min to an hour..

WHEN: Wednesday March-20-2013

WHERE: 555 College Ave., Lemoore, CA 93245 @ 12PM

Event By By Eddy Reyes, Pablo Reyes Morales and Carla Guzman