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Civil Rights Leader Reverend Maupin: ASU Should Ban Fraternity, Students Expelled and Diversity Training

by Dee Dee Garcia Blase
rev-300x300Civil Rights Leader via Reverend Jarrett Maupin wants ASU to ban the fraternity, the students expelled and diversity training after the “MLK Black Party” incident. Apparently there are approximately 80-90 students who attended this offensive party and some may want to be admitted into grad school.

So far ASU has not yet responded to his request.

Via Fronteras:

PHOENIX – An Arizona State University fraternity that held an “MLK Black Party” over the weeknd has been suspended by the school.

Local black leaders say the party was racist and an assault on the black community, and are demanding tough sanctions.

Photos from the Tau Kappa Epsilon party circulated on social media showing students dressed like gangsters and drinking out of watermelon cups. One photo was tagged on Instagram “#ihaveadream” and “#blackoutformlk.”

Local black leaders and black student groups denounced the party at a Tuesday afternoon press conference. Rev. Jarret Maupin said he received calls from black students in the early morning hours after the party.

Maupin said they called, distraught, after hearing racial slurs there, as well as “having to deal with people creating a mob of a minstrel show.”

ASU Senior Vice President of Education Outreach and Student Services Jim Rund said the university is gathering facts to find out what exactly occurred.

“When we learned of the behavior we found it completely outrageous, extraordinarily offensive and wholly unacceptable,” Rund said.

Rund said the future of the fraternity’s chapter at ASU is in jeopardy. The chapter was already on probation for another incident.

“We will take deliberate and swift and appropriate action regarding the status of both the chapter as well as the undergraduates involved,” Rund said.

University administrators currently believe about 50 students were involved.

Local black leaders are calling for TKE to be permanently banned from ASU and the students involved to be expelled. They also want university-wide anti racism training.

If these outcomes aren’t met, they are prepared to call for a boycott of ASU’s athletics program, said Rev. Luther Holland.


Photos circulated on social media showed white students dressed in costume for the frat party.

“If our young brothers and sisters don’t feel safe at Arizona State University in all of its campuses, then they should not come,” Holland said.

The frat’s chapter at the University of Arizona in Tucson lost its university recognition due to hazing incidents, and isn’t allowed back until 2016.

A representative from the national fraternity traveled to Tempe to meet with administrators on Tuesday.

“We apologize for any offensive actions that a few of our members might have participated in,” read a statement posted to the national fraternity’s website on Tuesday.

“We can assure all other parties that these actions do not represent Tau Kappa Epsilon and the beliefs of love, charity, and esteem that we have stood by for 115 years.”

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2013: Most shocking comments by conservatives

Victorian Era Is Not That Different From Our Present Time : Homosexuality

Sex in the Victorian Era

By Dave

During the Victorian era, men were dominant and women were considered submissive and weak. Worst of all, homosexual males were hunted down and executed like animals. It was a time full of contradictions where sex was frowned upon and religion beliefs were the way of life. Nevertheless, adultery, pornography, and prostitution were common. Certainly the Victorian era would have been a better time for a heterosexual male to live in, but it was a terrible time for women and for homosexual men. For people in homosexual relationships in the Victorian era, it would have been considered a deadly time. Although the church had less power than in previous times, people in the Victorian era were to obey and follow the conservative religious way of life and were to understand their roles given to them by the church.

The inequalities both for gender roles and people who were seen as different or abnormal were certainly evident. For those who moved far from their role or did not fit into society’s well-scripted role, they were viewed as deviants, outcasts, and were likely to be executed.  Straight men were seen as the protectors and the heroes and had fewer rules to obey. Women on the other hand were seen as fragile, weak, and even playing a musical instrument was a reminder of how different both genders were viewed, especially when it came to sex. For example, women were to enjoy music, but were limited to playing certain instruments because some were considered too sexual. After all, getting caught playing the flute for a woman was seen as “unladylike.” God forbid a woman got caught playing the cello.

Although the inequities between gender roles were unfair, the inequities between straight man and gay man were even more extreme. Gay men were seen as having mental disorders and were viewed as sinners. At one point, they were hunted and executed. In contrast, straight men could indulge themselves with prostitutes. After all, a man’s semen at one point was considered too precious to be wasted on masturbation. Because people in the Victorian era were controlled by religious beliefs, gender inequalities were far too extreme and homosexuality was seen as a disorder rather than a natural creation. Surely the Victorian era was a period better suited for the straight man and not a woman or homosexual.

I am convinced that I would have not enjoyed living in this period of time. However, after researching the facts, I have come to realize that the Victorian era is not that different from our present time, and religious beliefs are still far too extreme. It is clear that globalization has increased diversity in our modern world, and as a society we have come a long way from the dark days of witch burning and segregation. However, gender, social, and cultural inequities still exist, and in some parts of the world people who demonstrate homosexual behaviors are persecuted or even executed. In my opinion, religion has contributed to how societies come to view certain groups of people and has determined how society should live everyday life, including how to manage their sex lives. Religion will probably continue to have an influence on future societies and it will continue to direct, control, and rule as it sees it fit.  Similarly, people like me will continue to be marked as outcasts and deviants and will continue to fight for our natural human rights.

New Jersey Republican Gov. Chris Christie Reminds DREAMers They Are Not Citizens

by Dee Dee Garcia Blase

At a press conference yesterday, the 2016 Presidential Republican candidate hopeful via New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie dismissed the concerns of an undocumented student by repeatedly saying: “They can’t be second class citizens if they’re not citizens.”

Is this the RNC’s new idea of “Hispanic” voter outreach? It is true, DREAMers cannot vote, but Chicano/Latino voters can and will vote in 2014 and in 2016.

See video.

VIDEO : Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson gay rant

A 2010 video has emerge showing Phil Robertson expressing his views on Homosexuality.

Berean Bible Church
Feb. 5,6 2010
Special Guest Speaker: Phil Robertson aka The Duck Commander

In an interview with GQ’s Drew Magary, the duck commander himself Phil Robertson from the very popular A&E series expressed his view that homosexuality was immoral, likening it to bestiality.

“Everything is blurred on what’s right and what’s wrong… Sin becomes fine. Start with homosexual behavior and just morph out from there… Bestiality, sleeping around…” Phil said.

After fans of the show become upset A&E soon after suspended Phil Robertson from the show.

Just the same, some supporters are upset with A&E because they believe Phil Robertson is free to express his opinion.

The Cost of Speaker Boehner’s Repeal


See the full website, with more stories at

House Republicans have voted nearly 50 times to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which would raise prescription drug costs for millions of seniors, allow insurance companies to deny coverage to 129 million Americans with preexisting conditions – including 17 million children – and to increase costs on middle class families.

“For every statistic, there are millions of seniors who are saving thousands on prescription drugs, countless Americans who won’t face bankruptcy because of health care, and millions of sick kids who are guaranteed coverage — and those are the people Republicans are hurting with their obsessive repeal efforts,” said Emily Bittner of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Not only would Republicans’ repeal hurt millions of middle class Americans, they refuse to put forward an agenda to solve these problems. The Republican repeal takes away coverage, hikes rates, and sends too many Americans back into a broken system where insurance companies were free to do whatever they wanted, at the cost of middle class families. The costs of Republican repeal are simply too high — and these are the faces of those who will hurt the most.”

Carlos Galindo National Radio Show Political Talk Show Host Demands Apology From Telemundo For Using “Illegal”


The Associated Press has more respect than the Spanish-speaking news media outlet via Telemundo in Arizona.

With thousands of Immigrants listening and calling in to Carlos Galindo‘ nationally syndicated daily Bilingual political talk show to opine, he has the finger on the pulse of the Immigrant community and he is demanding an apology from Telemundo for using “illegal immigrant” when reporting on a DPS officer who resigned following the discovery that she was in the US as an undocumented immigrant. Carmen Figueroa worked for DPS for 10 years, and says she was told by her family that she was born in the United States. A spokesperson for DPS said she would have been fired if she did not resign.

Galindo says:

Shame on Telemundo Phoenix for allowing their reporter Diego Santiago to use the term “Inmigrante Ilegal” OVER and OVER again on the story he covered! Insensitive and inappropriate! Not only did he do that, he accused the Department of Public Safety Officer of being an “illegal Immigrant” without her having had due process. He should be utilizing the word alleged, and he shouldn’t be using the non-existent words “illegal Immigrants.” 

Galindo  twittered:

Pedimos disculpas de @DiegoSantiagoTV por utilizar la Palabra “Inmigrante Ilegal” durante su reportaje en @TelemundoAZ @RealDeeDeeBlase







Boycott listening to Arizona Telemundo until they apologize for using "illegal immigrant" to Spanish-speaking audience on Spanish news.

Boycott listening to Arizona Telemundo until they apologize for using “illegal immigrant” to Spanish-speaking audience on Spanish news.

Is the GOP lying about the ACA because they know it’s successful?

Grinch Police Berate Little Kids For Christmas Carol Singing At Speaker Boehner’s Office

Posted by Somos Independents

See this video where police berate little kids for singing at Speaker Boehner‘s Office.

This is outreach from the GOP and Reince Priebus for the #Women and Hispanic Voters?  Do these Republicans think they will appearl to the women matriarch voters who are protective of children to begin with?

My they are out of touch.

See video here:

Speaker Boehner remembered as the Scrooge in 2013 regarding Immigrant Rights' history.
Speaker Boehner remembered as the Scrooge in 2013 regarding Immigrant Rights’ history.

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