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Remember the three times when GOP members acted against Dreamers? Well , I do!

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by Claudia

“Senate Republicans Block DREAM Act for Illegal Immigrants”

by Devin Dwyer and Matthew Jaffe

“Senate Republicans today blocked a controversial immigration measure that would have provided a conditional path to legal residency for hundreds of thousands of young, undocumented immigrants first brought to the U.S. illegally by their parents.

By a vote of 55 to 41, the bill — the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors, or DREAM Act — failed to win the 60 votes needed to break a GOP filibuster, even though the measure passed the House last week.”

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TNTweeters is a group of people, undocumented, permanent legal residents and American citizens, who are already living in the United States of America and have the same goal: Comprehensive Immigration Reform with Path to Citizenship for all.


Meet Vanessa & Melanie Two First Generation Latinas Trying to Make it Happen

By Vanessa & Melanie

Hello Community,

We are two first-generation Latinas attending the University of California Berkeley, majoring in History of Latin America with a concentration on Public Health [Vanessa], and Anthropology with a Minor in Disability Studies [Melanie]. As seniors we did not want to leave without studying abroad. We were fortunate enough to be accepted into the Dominican Republic Public Health Summer 2014 Program. Throughout our years in college we developed a common passion for public health. This program will allow us to gain a better understanding of health issues affecting the community in Santiago, Dominican Republic and to what extent they are being addressed at both a domestic and political level.

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Dear Millennials, Meet the TNTweeters

TNTweetersDear Millennial,

I want to tell you about a really awesome new immigration activist group called the TNTweeters. Yes, I know what you are thinking, “What’s so special about this group?” “And why is it so awesome?” You see, TNTweeters is a group like no other, they are a diverse group and their members come from all walks of life and different backgrounds. Plus they are pretty badass!  ( I support their cause so you they are pretty awesome. …TGM plug. )  And like all Millennials who live in a tech savvy era  they too understand the importance of social media to get their message across. They are passionate and focus and as a Millennial I am proud to support them.  Get involve! You can learn more by going to the  TNTweeters Info, page.

Your TGM member,


Published by PROImmigrationReform TNTweeters

TNTweeters members:






Get Covered: A Special Message from the President

Published on Feb 21, 2014

President Obama has a message for millions of Americans who now have access to new or improved affordable health insurance: Go to, and get covered right now.


Co-founder of Somos Independents speaks on Immigration & TNTweeters support



Somos Independents is a national group of key swing independent registered Independent voters led by Mexican-American / Latina women voters who support bipartisanship in our government that will help solve tough issues. .  We are organizing the growing independent registered voter group by getting out the vote with millenial voters, and we realize college-aged students prefer registering themselves as independents rather than choosing a major political party.  We believe in putting people before Party politics.  Co-founders include a former Republican and a former Democratic voter.

Arizona Rep. Matt Salmon Must Listen to Registered Voters and Not Erika Andiola (naive activist) Who Has Ties To Mohammad Abdollahi

Posted by Somos Independents

In the below, you will see highlighted in red an immigration leader via Claudia Longo remind Erika Andiola that there are more living in the shadows than just DREAMers.  In fact, millions of DREAMers can already benefit from DACA the Obama administration implemented.




On multiple occasions, politicians have told me they are not driven by undocumented people who cannot vote, but by American registered voters.  Though the undocumented cannot vote, they can certainly help by encouraging their American relatives to vote on their behalf.

SOMOS INDEPENDENTS is a Mexican-American / Latina led organization that encourages Get Out The Vote promoting legal immigration reform.  Our leaders within the movement consist of people are American first but we are also proud (not embarrassed) with our heritage albeit from Mexican, Uruguay, El Salvador, Venezuela and so forth.  To be frank, Mexicans really are not really immigrants if you consider the Mexican American Revolution.  It is correct to call them native and indigenous to the southwestern part of the United States before Manifest Destiny took place. The majority of our leaders within SOMOS INDEPENDENTS are American women voters and we have a deep sense of matriarch responsibility to do what is in the best interest of the United States.

That said, we believe there are naive DREAMers who are willing to settle for less instead of remembering the entire 11 million who are living in the shadows of society. Our national organization has had a lot of media opportunities and we always raise awareness regarding the DREAM ACT as well as Immigration Reform and we have a proven track record to lend the microphone and camera to DREAMers (like Erika Andiola) every chance we get!

A nationally syndicated political show conducting it’s program in both Spanish and in English via Carlos Galindo believes that Democratic Representative Kyrsten Sinema is not exactly a good politician in terms of immigration.  He wrote:

Was a Dreamer who may have been used as a Latino outreach puppet by a Blue Dog Democrat, fired from her job?


Somos Independents and our registered voters are in support of the bipartisan Gang of Eight Immigration Reform Bill passed by Arizona’s Senator John McCain and Senator Chuck Shumer.  The Gang of Eight includes the best DREAM Act language ever invented, and we will always be in support of that.   However, it appears some naive undocumented DREAMers are willing to settle for less and are angering immigration activist leaders and American registered voters who want to fix the broken immigration once and for all and for the entire 11 million who remain in the shadows of society.

Independent voters consist of approximately 1/3 of Arizona voters, therefore, we are hawkish with Rep. Matt Salmon.  We expect him to do the right thing and support Republican Senator John McCain with regard to fixing the broken immigration once and for all.  The gang of eight CIR plan includes the DREAM Act and so there is no need for Salmon to implement yet another immigration related bill considering the Senate passed one over 7 months ago. We know the GOP is reluctant in passing any sort of immigration reform law under an African-American Democratic President, and if they do not fix and do what they are hired to do as public servants — it will be a lose-lose situation for the entire Republican Party who are viewed as restrictionists and bigots.

We expect, the below Arizona delegation to consider what the American voter has to say about Immigration Reform and what is in the best interest of the United States.  We know some DREAMers want “amnesty” and that is not reasonable considering the post 9-11 era we live in.  We expect Rep. Salmon to support Senator John McCain who was a prisoner of war with a proven track record of fighting for our Nation.  We informed Rep. Matt Salmon of the dangerous tactics utilized by Mohammad Abdollahi which eventually led Congressman Luis Guiterrez to distance himself from Mohammad and DREAMACTIVIST.ORG — and we also know that Erika Andiola has supported Mohammad Abdollahi and in the past —  even though Mohammad has referred to our Nation disrespectfully as “Amerikkka.”

Women and Latino voters, and immigration reform leaders are stepping get out the vote efforts in Arizona in preparation for 2014 elections.  We are demanding for our federal officials to fix the broken immigration system, or we will vote them out with the women, latino and key swing independent vote.



By congressional district:

Read Gloria’s Story

Gloria’s Story


Personal Story I am originally from El Salvador and came to the United States in 2004 in search of a job and opportunities to help provide for my family in El Salvador. As a child, my parents couldn’t pay for school in El Salvador, so I chose to learn to tailor to contribute and help my family. I soon developed a passion for tailoring and decided I wanted to design my own clothing line someday.

Since I have been in the United States, my priority has been to learn English. Like many immigrants coming to the US, I had to work in a variety of jobs to become self-sufficient. I worked in the food and hospitality industry for 9 years at a restaurant and bar, at a pretzel shop, and later at a tailoring factory for 3 years. Meanwhile, I attended adult school at Diablo Valley College in Concord, CA to learn English and computer skills.

I soon found out about Anew America’s business incubation program and enrolled in it to learn how I could start and grow a small tailoring business. Although I recently opened my tailoring business, I have already received a lot of support and compliments from my community in Concord. Ultimately, I want to expand my business so that I can employ talented local residents and continue to support my family in El Salvador so they can prosper and pursue their dreams as well.

Business Description

Gloria’s Tailoring is a start-up business that offers specialized and detailed tailoring services for clients in Concord, California. I tailor the clothing and fabrics myself and have a lot of experience in the field. My main clients are immigrants and low income families in the area. After working several years tailoring clothing at factories I decided I wanted to start my own business to further develop and practice my skill and passion for tailoring clothing. I hope to eventually have my own clothing line where I design my own clothing and tailor it to the measurements of my customers.

My biggest challenge in starting my business was financing it and maintaining a steady income to pay off bills. Since it started, I have maintained a steady income but know that I have a lot of potential to expand, since clients ask for various services that I cannot currently provide because I don’t have the machinery necessary for it.

I hope to expand my tailoring business to a full storefront location in the near future while offering jobs to people with a love for clothing and tailoring. I also hope to hire a manager to manage my current location while I expand to a storefront in Pleasant Hill.

What I enjoy most from my work is the positive response and compliments that I receive from my clients. Most of my business comes from return clients who admire and appreciate my work. When I am questioned as to why I don’t work a normal full-time job that would pay more per hour, I tell people that I believe in myself and my business. I have many dreams of achieving great things in life and I firmly believe that my skill and the development of my business will allow me to pursue and reach my dreams. I am proud of my business, what I have achieved and what I know I have the potential for achieving, in the near and distant future.

What is the purpose of this loan?

I will use my Kiva Zip loan to buy an automated embroidery machine which will allow me to expand the services I offer and efficiently work on multiple projects at once. The machine costs $5,999. I expect to fund the remaining $1,000 through savings that I am gathering now.

I have calculated that for the first 3 months, I would receive an average of 12 embroidery projects per week at $12 each project. This would leave me with a revenue of $576, and a profit of $384, once I take variable costs into account. After the first 3 months of acquiring the embroidery machine, I expect to increase my sales to an average of double my initial demand, leaving me with a revenue of $1,152 and a profit of $768 per month. These estimates would leave me with a profit of $17,280 which would be more than enough to pay off my Kiva Zip loan and allow me to expand my business.

With the success of my new embroidery service, I will use my resulting profits to hire a part-time assistant and invest in new machinery. I would also like to help my struggling family in El Salvador so that they may pursue their own entrepreneurial ambitions.



Independent Voters: DUMP THE TEA! We Prefer Senator John McCain’s Immigration Proposal Over Speaker Boehner

Berkeley 020
Phoenix, AZ – Speaker Boehner and new immigration policy wonk aide via Becky Tallent appear to be introducing an immigration reform idea that essentially taxes immigrants without representation.  Essentially taxation without representation undoes what the Boston Tea Party revolution stood for.  342 chests of tea were dumped because colonists viewed the Tea Act of 1773 as Britains taxation tyranny.  We have a new form of tyranny under Speaker Boehner’s rule that requires immigrants to continue to pay billions of dollars into the  federal and state tax coffers every year without having representation.
According to the Tax Lawyer, a paper published by Section of Taxation, American bar Association with the assistance of Georgetown University Law Center:

“…each year undocumented immigrants add billions of dollars in sales, excise, property, income, and payroll taxes—including Social Security, Medicare, and unemployment taxes—to federal, state, and local coffers. Hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants file annual federal and state income tax returns…” 

According to the Gallup, “Forty-two percent of Americans, on average, identified as political independents in 2013, the highest Gallup has measured since it began conducting interviews by telephone 25 years ago. Meanwhile, Republican identification fell to 25%, the lowest over that time span. At 31%, Democratic identification is unchanged from the last four years but down from 36% in 2008.”
According to the Independent Voter Network (IVN):

“The current Congress has an average 9.2 percent approval rating and 84.2 percent disapproval rating. … These numbers point to a grave problem: the House of Representatives is utterly unrepresentative.”  

As Independent voters’ numbers rise, the GOP is hurt the most and many former Republican voters have already dumped the tea to leave the GOP.
Somos Independents — a group led by women and Mexican American / Latina(o) independent registered voters refuse to support taxation without representation ideas mentioned in Speaker Boehner’s immigration proposal.    Our group does not consist of naive politically undereducated undocumented DREAM Act students who have been used and splintered by the GOP.  We know there are some undocumented DREAM Act student immigrants who are willing to take less not knowing the political consequences because the likes of Speaker Boehner are taking advantage of their desperate situations.  We know taxation without representation chips away at our very ideals that made this Nation great sparking the American Revolution.
As informed and educated voters, SOMOS INDEPENDENTS will repudiate taxation without representation ideas and it begins with dumping the tea within the GOP.  Independent voters are the new American revolutionists, and tyranny is tyranny. We cannot repeat the British taxation tyranny ideals we see the GOP attempting to propose in handling the undocumented immigrants. In fact, Social security and government benefits given to the aging population are exhausting our federal tax revenues, and in order to take care of our elderly, we must create new tax payers with new immigrants instead of increasing tax burdens on existing Americans.
Essentially independent voters become independent voters in light of partisanship in Washington D.C.   We are dissatisfied with the Tea within the GOP obstructing day-to-day government operations with shut downs affecting millions of middle-class Americans.  Women, independent and Latino voters are hawkish with continued Republican tax issues and IRS hypocrisy.  Several moderate Republicans have already dumped the tea and left the Republican party and we predict more will leave the GOP in light of their restrictionism, obstructionism and bigotry.
The Democratic-controlled Senate bill considered immigrants as tax paying human beings when they passed their immigration reform plan over 7 months ago in June 2013 [though it takes immigrants a lengthy 13 -16 years to get there].  On the other hand, the GOP won’t even give immigrants representation, and in fact, Speaker Boehner’s proposal (seen below) appears to criminalize all immigrants before they are allowed to be adjusted.  
Speaker Boehner’s proposal will not give an incentive to undocumented immigrants to come out of the shadows of our society thereby chipping away at our National Security, therefore, we prefer Senator John McCain’s proposal over Speaker Boehner’s proposal.
Somos Independents is a national group of key swing independent registered Independent voters led by Mexican-American women voters who support bipartisanship in our government that will help solve tough issues.  We know the immigration issue is a federal matter and we rely on our Congress to fix the broken immigration system soon with legal immigration reform.  We are organizing the growing independent registered voter group by getting out the vote with millenium voters, and we realize college-aged students prefer registering themselves as independents rather than choosing a major political party.  We believe in putting people before Party politics.  Co-founders include a former Republican and a former Democratic voter.

How Republicans Use “Latin” Tokens To Do Dirty Work; Why More Latinos Leave the GOP

Posted by Somos Independents

More and more Latino/a voters are leaving the Republican Party who were once activists for the GOP, and they are joining the Democratic Party or the Independent registered voting bloc that is being organized by folks who are fed up with partisanship.

According to the Huffington Post: “Former Florida State Rep. Ana Rivas Logan Leaves GOP Over Immigration, Becomes A Democrat.”

Mexican American / Chicano / Hispanic and Latino voters are insulted because we see how the GOP uses “Latin” tokens to do their dirty work that goes against the MAJORITY of what the Latino community wants.  In the HuffPo story you will see how the story is about Gov. Scott’s new and current Lt. Governor via Carlos Lopez-Cantera who pressured Florida State Rep. Ana Rivas to support an Arizona-style immigration law when it surfaced in Florida in 2011.

Several of us have left the GOP because of the Republican Party’s hate and growing bigotry, and it appears more and more leave everyday.

This is precisely why there is a need to organize the independent voter bloc who are folks who are sick of labels and doing the dirty work on extremists who are within the major party system.

Somos Independents — a get out the vote effort and organization has been proactive with Independent voters since 2012, and we know Independent voters are the largest voting bloc on a national basis.  We are fed up with the partisanship that exists ind D.C. and we encourage bipartisanship when taking on tough issues.  We support fixing the broken immigration system and we see Speaker Boehner, the GOP still not doing anything to fix it after the Democratic-controlled Senate passed an immigration reform bill  7 months ago!

According to IVN:  “The current Congress has an average 9.2 percent approval rating and 84.2 percent disapproval rating. … These numbers point to a grave problem: the House of Representatives is utterly unrepresentative.”