Building the Student Fightback – Defend Public Education

“We have been fighting hard to defend public education, uniting against budget cuts and devastation wrought by the economic crisis and a political system run by the rich to serve their own interests. Many of us have also been part of successful fights for the DREAM Act, struggles against SB1070 copycat bills, or involved in other various forms of activism which is growing in this period. Some of us have joined workers as they begin to fight back against massive austerity measures implemented by the state with the goal of placing the burden of this crisis on the backs of working people. Many of us have stood up against the war and defended the civil liberties of activists and families who have been under attack. Clearly this crisis continues, and so should our response,”-Wes Strong.
Sunday, August 14th
8pm Eastern / 7pm Central / 6pm Mountain / 5pm Pacific On Your Phone
call 218-339-4300, access code 697890#

Proposed Agenda
Intros and brief updates
Discussing the state of the movement
Discussing possible next steps
Discussing strategies and goals for this coming year
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