National Pursuit of DREAMs:

National Pursuit of DREAMs emphasizes on developing dialogue in communities nationwide between all individuals about the benefits of the Development Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act and promoting Equality, Diversity and Unity to furnish change. NPD’s vision is to create a floor of consensus between oppositions. We are students, seeking to make a change in our communities by shedding light to the economic, and social truths about the DREAM Act. We believe the most effective way to promote truth and justice is by personalizing the solution. As students who experience the reality of a broken immigration system we understand the solutions internally. National Pursuit of DREAMs works with many organizations towards social justice, together we create a stronger force. We, the walkers of NPD walk with the motivation of tears and laughter of the people, with the incandescent light from unique souls that make the world a better place each day. We walk 3,000 miles across our beautiful Nation risking our own lives to promote truth and love, we walk fearless. We embrace the phrase “We do not Do this things because they are easy, but because they are hard”, to make ourselves vivid examples of it. We walk, feeding our strength with the Hope that someday our DREAM will be our Reality. The struggle for Equality, Diversity and Unity is like the fight between good an evil, a never ending battle. That is precisely why we embrace Equality, Diversity and Unity as our principles and not our struggle, as our morals and not immoral views, as the engine that will make NPD succeed. It is in our hands to make the balance of Justice Incline to the correct side, working diligently for self-reliance to better each other. This walk will meet its goal only with your support, with the support of the people. It is because of you and many others that we are willing to risk everything, even our own breath, to prove that true change does not come from the words of one man but from the actions of the people. With your support, NPD will transcend the meaning of a walk. With your support we will shout and cheer with joy and laughter our Ol’ American Chant “Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty! We are Free at last!” We walk for you, but most importantly we walk with you. Together, in Unity, we will make of this walk, the event that makes a difference.
United we DREAM and United we Act

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  1. Hello there is actually another walk with national support called Campaign for an American DREAM ( CAD started in summer 2011 and has national support from various organizations such as United We DREAM, the National Latino Evangelical Coalition, California DREAM Network, Vamos Together, the Coffee Party, Somos Americanos, and many more. I suggest you take a look at this other campaign as well. Unfortunately the walk mentioned above is not very well supported and is being deceitful to its partners. Be very cautious about national pursuit of dreams. I was contacted to support them and they misrepresented themselves to me.

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