Republicans Trying To Mend Fences With Hispanic Voters But After They “Build the Dang Fence” First

Doug Mataconis wrote a piece today with regard to the Republican Party “mending fences” with the Latino / Hispanic voter in time for the upcoming 2012 Elections. That said, how will Republicans like Senator John McCain ‘mend fences with Latinos’ after they tried to appear tough on immigration by advocating building that dang fence?

Don’t believe it?  Watch the video of John McCain who is walking side-by-side to controversial Sheriff Babeu who allegedly threatened to deport his gay Mexican-lover. Chicanos have a pet name for Sheriff Babeu here in Arizona and we call him Sheriff Babosofor his boneheaded remarks.

CREDIT: Senator John McCain and Sheriff Babeu ‘get tough’ on Latinos and Immigrants
CAPTION: Build the dang fence

That pesky fence.

Never mind how we accomplished 100% operational goals of the George W. Bush “Secure Fence” Act….because this isn’t good enough for the far right-wingers.  Last I checked Dubya was a Republican who advocated for secure fences, and we met those goals.  Yet,  here we are again advocating for more walls and fences without talking about a real reasonable solution that will allow legal immigration to take place in an effort to create the much needed new tax payers.  [Notice how the Reagan Republicans are eerily silent right now when it comes to “walls” but are quick to remember the accomplishments of Reagan in Berlin when he shouted “TEAR THAT WALL DOWN” and it is this hypocrisy that stinks to high heaven.]

An excerpt:

In addition to the problems with female voters that James Joyner makes note of this morning, the Republican Party also faces going into the 2012 General Election with a serious problem attracting Hispanic voters. As I noted last month, a recent Fox News Latino poll showed all four Republican candidates getting no more than 14% of the Hispanic vote in head-to-head match-ups with President Obama. That’s less than half of the roughly one-third that John McCain got in 2008, and far less than the percentage of the Hispanic vote that George W Bush garnered in 2004. It’s not like they haven’t been warned about this. After several years of hard anti-immigration rhetoric and policies that included blocking the DREAM Act (which is widely supported in the Hispanic community) and supporting restrictive laws in states like Arizona, Alabama, and Georgia

If Romney is the Republican nominee, he will be lucky to see double digits since he received the endorsement of Kris Kobach (architect behind almost all anti-immigrant and anti-DREAM Act laws in this nation).

Here is the reality:

Former President George W. Bush did not address immigration until his second term.  Karl Rove wasn’t foolish enough to allow the toxic immigration issue to take place until after he won his second term.  Latinos continue to see that today with these politicians because they afraid to take the bull by the horns.  It is much easier for them to treat the immigration issue like a political football instead — leaving no choice but for Latinos to rise up and provide immigration political covering and courage to the most immigrant-friendly politician(s) in 2012.

Despite what pundits are saying out there (who are out of touch with Latino grassroots activities), I believe Latinos in 2012 will “HOLD THEIR NOSES” and vote for Obama anyway in much the same way people in 2008 held their noses to vote for Senator McCain. – by 

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