Ted Nugent, Who Is Under Investigation For Threatening Democrats, Endorses Romney At NRA Event (VIDEO)

Deranged and sociopathic “one hit wonder” musician, Ted Nugent, who’s ironically more famous for his wingnut views than his actual music, brought his unmedicated ”don’t tread on me” teabagger crap to the annual convention of the National Rifle Association this past weekend. To say the motor city madmen is a gun enthusiast is like saying that NJ Governor Chris Christie is a food enthusiast, as Nugent lives in camouflage gear (even though he actually dodged the Vietnam Draft) and kills every living animal within range.

Despite the fact that Mitt Romney was largely anti-gun as Governor of Massachusetts, it appears he secured the ever-so coveted washed up sociopathic musician vote, as Nugent peppered his endorsement of Mitt Romney over the weekend with a vulgar, vote-against-your economic-self-interests-before-Obama-comes-to-your-shack-and-exproriates-your-guns-rant.  One might wonder why Nugent didn’t throw his daft endorsement behind Ron Paul (he’s still running) since it’s widely known that Ron Paul’s unbending views on the second amendment and government in general resonate with the Nugent crowd. Perhaps the madmen hasn’t blown away all his brain cells and realizes that Dr. Paul’s candidacy is laughably untenable at this point. -By 

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“I, too, am Joaquin Luna.” By Michael Masters

“I, too, am Joaquin Luna”

 By Michael Masters 

They say I am not a DREAMer
They say I am nothing like you
They say you are nothing like me
But take my hand a sense my demeanor
Because we may not all be DREAMers
But we all DREAM

I am not an immigrant
I am not undocumented
But the result of a long line of Americans
Who hailed, generations ago, from Mexico
And some tell me I am not a DREAMer

I was raised in a privileged America
But felt the pain of you closely
Raised with more opportunities than imaginable
But always conscious of your presence
Your company, a constant reminder for me
To remain humble in my opportunity

Some may say we were raised in divergent lives
But I believe we carry forward with similar eyes
Eyes of freedom, eyes of opportunity,
Faith in our eyes shed so humanly
Too many unsung heroes, too many tears shed
Too many in the shadows, too many in the tread

You have DREAMs, well I have dreams too
And in my dreams, I’m only dreaming of you
But in my dreams, I never lost you
We kept fighting, we kept resisting
Even more we kept believing it too

Believing that better days were coming
Believing that America would come around
Believing that the congressmen would see
See, that all you really wanted to be
Was free

I do not DREAM for you because I pity you
I DREAM for you because I believe in you
I DREAM for you because you are like me
DREAMing of the day they believed in what you could be
Or even, what you already were

I stand with you, a documented DREAMer
Because I believe in the cause
Because I believe in your cause
Because, it really is our cause

I, too, am Joaquin Luna
Spiritual leader of the undocumented
The child of our cause lamented
Who will never be forgotten
In our minds, in our hearts forever cemented

We may not all be DREAMers
But for sure, we all DREAM

Courtesy of KGBT Action 4 News

Courtesy of KGBT Action 4 News – Joaquin Luna, DREAM Act Student who committed suicide the day after Thanksgiving 2011, because he felt he had no hope as a result of the failure of the DREAM Act 2010 vote.