Romney distancing himself from Kris Kobach, the history of Mormon Polygamy and immigration


In 1891, Congress identified polygamists as “persons suffering from a loathsome or a dangerous contagious disease,” and those convicted of  “a misdemeanor involving moral turpitude: ineligible for immigration.


1891 Congress makes polygamists, “persons suffering from a loathsome or a dangerous contagious disease,” and those convicted of “a misdemeanor involving moral turpitude” ineligible for immigration. The act establishes the Bureau of Immigration within the Treasury Department.
1892 Ellis Island opens; serves as processing center for 12 million immigrants over the next 30 years.

Early on during the Republican primary elections, Mitt Romney decided to make a deal with the Latino devil via Kris Kobach — who is the legal architect of most anti-immigrant legislation via FAIR. Romney committed political Latino suicide when he decided to demonize Latin immigrants for his own political expediency.  Romney has a history of moving politicians to the right regarding immigration when he ran against Sen. John McCain and we witnessed Romney attack Rick Perry when Rick stated his compassionate reasons for supporting the DREAM Act.  Furthermore, Latino activists will never let Romney live his “veto the DREAM Act” statement when Newt Gingrich was giving him a run for his money during the South Carolina primary elections.

Now we see “multiple choice” Mitt Romney trying to distance himself from Kris Kobach.  As a result of Romney’s “new” move … will FAIR continue to give Romney the best anti-immigrant score?

How will FAIR, Kris Kobach, John Tanton, Steve King, Lamar Smith, Marco Rubio and etc. feel about the policies made with regard to Romney’s polygamy and changing immigration views?

How will independent feminists feel about Romney’s polygamist background?

For instance, Russell Goldman believes Mitt Romney will likely struggle nationally, particularly with women, because his father was “born on a polygamy commune in Mexico,” said Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer.  In fact, Romney’s great grandfather, Miles Park Romney, fled to Mexico after the 1882 passing of the Edmund Act, which banned polygamy in the US. He married his fifth wife after the Mormon church formally banned the practice in 1890.

Would FAIR support ideas that will reverse the decision of Congress from 1891?

Jeff Flake flaked out against the DREAM Act vote during December 2010 when he voted against a compassionate view toward our youth, however, Flake supported the extension of Cuban vacations on the tax payer’s dime when he introduced and voted for an amendment  to  deny the Bush administration funds to enforce the travel ban.  Furthermore, why is Jeff Flake encouraging this when Cuban immigrants receive government benefits and privileged amnesty only to go back on extended vacation?

Indeed it will be an interesting election year if Romney becomes the official GOP nominee.  We get to see the hypocrisy the Obama machine will lay out as he politically annihilates Romney.

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