Just in: Response Letter from Harkins Theatres – Harkins is not affiliated with B.A.N. as Russell Pearce would like you to believe


Ah … the power of Capitalism (during times like these) will always reign with those in charge of companies and what is in the best interest of their bottom line dollar.  Money talks and bullshit walks, and I discovered Harkins has no affiliation with Russell Pearce’s B.A.N.

Russell Pearce is lying again. He wants his audience to believe Harkins Theatres is affiliated with his anti-Latino and anti-immigrant rhetoric.

wrote Harkins to see if Pearce was telling the truth and it turns out Pearce is a myth-maker.

Bryan and Tyler of Harkins returned my phone call to discuss Pearce’s claims and I later received a written response.

Bryan Laurel wrote:

Letter from Harkins dated 10 May 2012

Here is my response to Harkins Theatres:

Letter to marketing director Bryan Laurel of Harkins Theatres dated 10 May 2012

Since it appears that the ousted and former Arizona Sen.  Russell Pearce is all of a sudden concerned about the Phoenix New Times, I chose to do a bit of digging to find out why.

Just about every self-respecting Mexican-American in the State of Arizona knows that the Phoenix New Times is notorious for exposing bigotry practiced by Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Russell Pearce.   In fact, many Latinos view Pearce as a racist due to his support for restrictionist and protectionist laws regarding SB 1070 and his support for “Operation Wetback.”  I have personally confronted Pearce at a political debate/forum, and have asked him not to use such demeaning and derogatory words like “Wetback” but he believes it is a good idea even though I told him this term takes us back to a pre Civil Rights era.

It appears Pearce is trying to get his Tea Party audience to believe that B.A.N. is concerned about pedophilia when he said:

“No respectable business should be sharing ad-space alongside pedophiles and prostitutes, and until the New Times stops their deviant practices….”

If Pearce was so concerned about pedophilia, why  didn’t he do something about the polygamous reports of pedophilia activity in Colorado City and/or in the State of Arizona,  when he was an elected official and had tremendous power as Senate President?

Where was former Senator Russell Pearce at when a Bill aimed at disbanding police force in polygamist town failed repeatedly? According to KJZZ, the Arizona House of Representatives narrowly rejected a move aimed at disbanding the police department in a polygamist town.

According to Tri-State Online:

The Arizona House voted against SB-1433 by a 28-25 margin. It would have allowed Mohave County officials to abolish the Colorado City Police Department. Colorado City is home to the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints church, a polygamist sect of the Mormon Church.

Russell Pearce ignores pedophiles such as Warren Jeffs, but attacks the Phoenix New Times for being a critic of his bigotry.

Why was it easier for Pearce to push an anti-immigrant law via SB 1070 than to try and protect children from pedophiles such as Warren Jeff?  

According to CNN:

Polygamist sect leader Warren Steed Jeffs, … was charged with eight additional felony counts from Arizona in two separate cases, authorities said Thursday.

A grand jury indicted Jeffs May 10 on two counts of sexual conduct with a minor and two counts of incest for alleged incidents that occurred in 2002, according to a statement issued by Mohave County Attorney Matthew J. Smith.

On Thursday, another grand jury indicted him on two additional counts of sexual conduct with a minor and two additional counts of incest. Those offenses took place in Colorado City, Arizona, in 2003, according to the indictment.

According to CNN, the FLDS freely practices polygamy in the towns of Hildale, Utah, and Colorado City, Arizona, which straddle the state line. The sect maintains groups of followers in Texas, South Dakota, Nevada, British Columbia and Mexico. The offshoot sect broke from the mainline Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, based in Salt Lake City, Utah, over the practice of polygamy.

If ousted and former Senator Russell Pearce was truly concerned about pedophiles, then it would seem to me that he would have done something about Colorado City, Arizona, or when reports of a girl, identified only as Jane Doe at a preliminary hearing said she was “so scared” during the forced wedding.

“The whole time I was crying,” she said. “I wanted to die.”

Per Anderson Cooper with CNN, the official LDS church banned polygamy more than a century ago.  Yet, former Senate President Russell Pearce failed to act on the catastrophe that is occurring right now under our very noses in Colorado City, AZ.  According to Arizona law, sexual conduct with a minor is a Class 6 felony punishable upon conviction by up to a year in prison. Incest is a class 4 felony punishable upon conviction by up to 2½ years in prison.  It seems to me that sexual misconduct with a minor should have a more severe punishment.

Could there also be a vendetta Pearce has with the Phoenix New Times when James King wrote:  Mormon Church Denies Prior Knowledge of Misconduct Involving a Teen Boy, Which is a Lie? I may never know, but what I do know is that while Warren Steed Jeffs was the president of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS Church) taking advantage of underage young girls in multiple states and getting charged between 2006 – 2007,  Russell Pearce was advocating for Operation Wetback.  I have already stated before that Russell Pearce gives the Mormon church a bad image, and I really think the LDS Church ought to think about revoking Pearce’s Temple Card.  I believe  Mormon leadership should step in and make an example out of Pearce before the collateral damage increases.

Fact of the matter is, the Phoenix New Times is respected by Latin circles as the media who targets bigotry, and Pearce is doing everything that he can to undermine them.

We are all watching.

I now know Pearce was lying about Harkins.  Tomorrow I will be calling or writing Buddy Stubbs over at Harley Davidson to see

Pearce caught lying regarding Harkins Theatres

if Pearce is lying about that, too, and I will remind Buddy that Hispanic buying power nationwide today is $1 trillion, larger than the economies of all but 14 countries in the world. (2010DATOS/Selig/U.S. Census) And according to Latino FOX News: Hispanics represent $40 billion of purchasing power in Arizona, a state where Latinos have been buffeted by the effects of harsh laws targeting undocumented immigrants. (2012 DATOS)