National Latino-based Group Thanks President Obama for DREAM Act Compassion to Our Children; Obama Filling in Shoes of John F. Kennedy

From the National Tequila Party Movement.

For Immediate Release

15 Jun 2012

President Barack Obama is the John F. Kennedy of modern day Latino “Civil Rights”

Phoenix, AZ – The National Tequila Party Movement would like to thank President Barack Obama for giving our DREAM Act children and youth compassion and relief.  He will be viewed to Latinos as our modern-day John F. Kennedy when JFK was confronted with the Civil Rights Issue.  In light of extreme politicians who have used the immigration issue to demonize Mexican / Latino children and immigrants, we know this takes tremendous courage for any President to make this concerted effort within his/her 1st term.

Most Presidents in the last century  of American history did not have the courage to address any sort of legal immigration method until after they were elected into their 2nd term. Some immigration progress was made via the Cuban Adjustment Act, however, there was little or no reform that affects other immigrants from around other parts of the globe.  Both Ronald Reagan and President George W. Bush waited until after they were elected to a 2nd term in office.  In fact, Ronald Reagan’s immigration decision helped fuel the economy when people who were once living in the shadows had the ability to invest in houses, cars and etc.

It is our opinion that President Obama is indeed filling the shoes of John F. Kennedy.  We encourage all Latinos / Mexicanos / Chicanos to vote in droves for all immigrant rights’ friendly politicians this year. We have a personal responsibility to vote for those who do not have a voice in the voting process.  Now is our time to be a voice via our vote for those who cannot vote.  We have a personal responsibility to vote for all immigrant rights’ friendly politicians so that the United States can continue to be a beacon for the world.