Help Colorado Contingent Go To SF Dream Graduation

Empowered undocumented & unafraid, queer & unashamed youth in Colorado are ready to take part in national organizing for the DREAM Act.

We would like to attend the DREAM Graduation in San Francisco this weekend to connect with organizers from all
over the west coast. There will be undocumented youth from Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, and Washington.
We want Colorado to have a presence in this space but are in need of your help. In order to be able to take 7 undocumented youth, we need donations to cover some of the cost that it will take to get us there and back.
Just a $20 donation from 30 supporters would fully fund the trip and give us this great opportunity. We are heading out Friday morning so it is crucial to donate NOW! – Organized by Timothy Farrell