The National Tequila Party Movement hitting the Heartland and the southwest more to motivate Latinos to vote


Tequila is stronger than Tea….

The National Tequila Party Movement has been busy this weekend registering, canvassing, and conducting more voter registration drives across the nation with an emphasis in the Heartland of American (where farmers and the agricultural community relies on Mexican descent labor), and in the southwest where we are canvassing for Latino and immigrant-friendly politicians such as President Obama, Senate Candidate Carmona, Congresswoman Candidate Amanda Aguirre (would be 1st Latina Congresswoman Candidate in Arizona), Scott Prior for Arizona Senate and etc.

We are encouraging independent and woman regsistered voters in Arizona to request the Democratic ballot before August 10, 2012, so that we can vote for the best Democratic candidates.

It is imperative Carmona wins a United States Senate seat in Arizona in an effort to restore sanity to our state that has been thoroughly hijacked by the obstructionist Tea Party extremists.


(Above) The National Tequila Party Movement has been hosting weekly voter registration drives and deputy registrar trainings. In addition to the drives and trainings, Shirl Mora James (Lead Co-President who is also a Civil Rights and Immigration Lawyer) has been conducting training on President Obama’s recent DREAM Act relief.


(Above) The National Tequila Party Movement will be having several voter registration drives promoting reasonable candidates. We are motivating Latinos, independent registered voters (who make up the 2nd largest Party in our state), and women to request the Democratic ballot this year in light of the primary election on August 28, 2010. The deadline to make a request for the Dem ballot is August 10.


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