Arizona-based Latina/o Group Blasts Tea Party Republican Joe the Plumber for suggesting shooting our neighbors at the border; Shame on Sen. Klein for applauding that.


Wow.  So much for the so-called pro lifers on the Republican side.

What makes an outsider think he knows the situation on the border?  Did he forget about how the minute men vigilantes have killed children and women in our State of Arizona?

Shame on Arizona State Sen. Lori Klein, Wurzelbacher  who applauded Klein’s stance on shooting our neighbors.  Anyone know which church she attends?

For Immediate Release

14 August 2012


Arizona based National Group Blasts Tea Party Joe Plumber for Violent Remarks Against Neighbor

Phoenix, AZ — The National Tequila Party Movement is blasting Tea Party candidate Samuel “Joe the Plumber” Wurzelbacher for suggesting vigilante shooting with our neighbors in Mexico.

In light of the Batman movie shootings, the SikhTemple Shootings and the recent Texas A & M shootings, we believe this is hardly the time to suggest more gun violence and vigilante behavior.  The Culture of Violence the Tea Party gun advocates bring are dangerous to our Country.  In fact, those of us who live in border states like Arizona remember how Minutemen were instrumental in the murder of Brisenia Flores, a young child who died in the presence of her own mother.  The Tequila Party cannot and will not support fear-mongers. The hate climate against Latinos has increased and swept our nation due to bigotry.

Joe the Plumber is a disgrace to his Republican Party, and we intend on communicating to independent registered voters across the nation how violence is not the answer in keeping the United States ‘united.’