Final Exams: Reflection of Success or Outdated Evaluation?


The final exam. An intimidating, looming, and all-consuming assessment that has the ability to determine the final grade in one’s course, advancement to the next class, and sometimes, even the option to graduate.

The month of April brings a flurry of stresses and mounting tensions that make up the final examination period for University students. An Undergraduate student myself, I am no stranger to such strains. The end of the semester bears a change in the air of the University. Students are suddenly less social, more exhausted, and tossing back caffeine in order to stay alert. Some even seem to make the library their permanent home for the 2-3 weeks that are exams. (I’m not exaggerating that much. Really. Some people seem to bring their lives with them). Students look as if they are doing whatever it takes to get that grade that they need, whether it be a marginal pass, or top…

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