Broken Broken Window Theory


car window

As I have ranted about previously, analogies are fun for the readers, but aren’t usually accurate parallels. This comparison is so extreme I had to read it a few times just to understand how it was related to Obamacare. Here’s how I think it is supposed to go:

Pretend the government started selling car windows (health insurance) and then mandated everyone own government-approved car windows (government-approved health insurance).

Then, government employees come to punch out (disable) your car window (your health insurance).

Bam! The government declares its new window business (health insurance business) a huge success.

The entire argument rests on three premises:

Premise 1.
The government sells health insurance;
Premise 2. The government mandates that everyone have government-approved health insurance;
Premise 3. The government destroys your health insurance.
Unspoken lemma: Millions of people lose their health insurance due to the government, and are forced to buy new insurance, so they sign up through…

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