How the rapid adoption of technology has caused drastic diversity within the millennial generation via Vox

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This article from Vox makes an important point about the diversity of the millennial generation.

Technology is being adopted more quickly than ever, according to research done by the Federal Communications Commission, and rediscovered recently by the Pew Research Center after the Economist reworked the data in honor of the World Wide Web’s birthday.

Looking at the data, it’s easy to argue that generations of people no longer exist in neat baby-boomer time periods. Instead of years, we should label generations by the dominant technology they use.  In doing so, we might have more, smaller generations, but maybe that’s okay.

1) Society is changing more quickly

The idea behind these videos isn’t new: children will always be blissfully unaware of the lives their parents or grandparents lived before them. I can imagine the same video with teens of yesteryear being shown a musket after the invention of the revolver…

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