Nebraska, The Not Open For Business State.

Progressive Oasis

OMAHA, NE – Welcome to Nebraska! The state where The Good Life withered and died, along with civil rights, access to healthcare, and the ability to pay your bills among a long list of things. Oddly enough, Omaha and Nebraska end up on a number of top lists, but it seems to me those only apply to those who rich, white, and Christian, the holders of the so called “Good Life”. This article, in particular,  Omits a lot of things you need to know if you are moving to Omaha. I’d like to point some out: The Public Transportation is horrible here. You better have a car, or you might not make it to work or school. According to WalletHub, Nebraska is the third worst taxpayer state, right after California and New York. Omahans would like to think their city is a progressive city, but this is hampered…

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