Boycott Murrieta California For Protesting Small Refugee Children

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We support the boycott of Murrieta, California,  in light of their Mayor and Councilmen who are participating in terrorizing small refugee children.  We have Sought Outside Investigation From DOJ Regarding Murrieta Protestors Regarding Conspiracy To Commit Obstruction of Federal Officers And To Violate Civil Rights. 

From ABC 10:

Migrant children describe fear of facing protesters


About the Murrieta Boycott:

Murrieta, California has reared its racist head, so lets give them what they want and segregate them. Boycott all business in Murrieta, California!!

The mayor and the people of Murrieta, California decided that it was appropriate to make a political statement by harassing and traumatizing children. We are calling for a complete and total boycott of Murrieta, California. Their behavior is an insult to what America stands for. Avoid all business within the city limits of Murrieta, no gas, no food, no grocery shopping, no jack in the box. Nothing. Isolate Murrieta, California exactly as they want to be.

Our goals:
1. Encourage a boycott of all business in Murrieta.
2. Mayor Alan Long is held responsible for his encouragement and support of the racist protests.
3. The buses of refugee children are not harassed in any way.
Photo cred:  NYT

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  1. Excuse me! I live in Murrieta and the majority of those protesters came from other areas! I work on the Committee to Elect Tim Sheridan(D) to Congress. Last Wednesday from 3 – 8 pm our committee, including Tim Sheridan, ran an event Donations for Unaccompanied Minor Refugees in the parking lot of Casa Jimenez Restaurant on California Oaks IN Murrieta. We had people waiting when we got there and a steady stream right up until we were packed up to leave the parking lot. We received diapers, baby products, feminine products, food, clothes, water and much much more from the citizens of Murrieta. We had 2 trucks, 3 SUVs and 3 cars full of donations. As the Highway Patrol processing station was on lock down, we had a local church organization step up to store everything until we could transfer it. Those protesters DO NOT represent the people of Murrieta!

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