In defence of millennials

Dear Shelagh


Dear Shelagh 

I recently read this article which fills me with terror and also makes me angry. I am one of these “millennials” and I work for a company where I sometimes have to select images to go in the company newsletter or to send to clients or whatever. 

So, this poor person posted a pic to the company’s Tumblr account and tagged it “clouds” and “smoke”, which is exactly what it looks like. She didn’t know that it was the exploding Challenger. I didn’t either. It looks like smoke or clouds to me. 

And then that article was written about the “dangers” of hiring people like me. What the hell is wrong with people like me? I don’t get how we’re supposed to know stuff we don’t know. I don’t get what we’re supposed to do so that we don’t look at a random picture of smoke or clouds…

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