Labels in the LGBT+ Community: Good or Bad?

First of all, let’s get one thing straight (I’m not, hahahahahaha. …Sorry), there is a difference between identifying as and labelling as. For example, I myself identify as cis-female and as gay/lesbian, but I am labelled many different things ranging from ‘butch’, ‘femme’ to a ‘homo’. How you identify is how you feel, and who/what you are; labels – although sometimes the same words as identifiers – are ways to describe you, whether it be looks or personality. Labels can be both self-applied – I may refer to myself as a ‘goldstar lesbian’ and as a ‘soft butch’ – or applied by society, or even bullies – this is where terms such as ‘dyke’ and ‘fag’ come in.

My opinions on labels are varied. The opinion that the world would be far easier if no one had to come out, or explain their sexuality etc. is a valid, and good…

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