25 Before 25

Millennial Abroad


Earlier this week, I celebrated my 24th birthday. I spent the day at orientation for my upcoming Public Relations degree, securing a room in a beautiful townhouse, celebrating with friends in downtown Toronto, and reflecting on all that I’ve achieved and experienced over the past year. It was truly a perfect day.

As someone who loves long-form to-do lists (read: my Korean Bucket List) and having “all of the experiences”, I wanted a way to first, set realistic goals for 24, and second, to share and document them. My friend Steph over at Life in Limbo created just that – a long-form to-do list, after her 23rd birthday in March, called “24 Before 24“. The concept is simple: a list of goals to increase her happiness over the course of the next year. I fell in love with this idea the first time she did this two year ago, (check out her “22 Before 22“…

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