imageWashington, D.C. (The Adobo Chronicles) – Last week, The Adobo Chronicles reported that Republicans in Congress have voted to impeach President Barack Obama for bringing disgrace to the Office of the President.  The move stemmed from Obama wearing a tan-colored suit at a White House press briefing. Republican legislators had said that no other president in U.S. history has ever worn a light-colored suit. They were one in saying that U.S. presidents should dignify the office by wearing only dark suits.tan suit

However, after photos of Presidents Reagan, George H. and George W., as well as Clinton wearing light-colored suits appeared on social media, the Republicans immediately withdrew their impeachment charge.

“We apologize for this fiasco,” Speaker John Boehner said, adding, ” our legislative staff didn’t do a good job at research. Some heads are gonna roll!”

Meanwhile, The White House responded by saying , “Wait till the Republicans discover photos…

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