Republicans 2016 – Chris Christie Belly Flops Again – ‘N.J. Rating Cut by S&P as Christie Gets Record Downgrade’

The Last Of The Millenniums

chris christie

For all intents and purposes, Chris Christie is gone from the
2016 Republican Presidential race.

Other Governors such as Walker from Wisconsin and Jindal from
Louisiana have run their State’s into the ground but have
managed to keep their credit ratings.

Chris Christie hasn’t and the downgrades are all a direct
result of his budgets and planning.


‘New Jersey had its credit rating cut one step by Standard &
Poor’s, handing Chris Christie his eighth downgrade, the most
ever for a Garden State governor’.

‘The reduction to A, the sixth-highest level, with a stable
outlook follows a Sept. 5 downgrade by Fitch Ratings. It gives
New Jersey the same general-obligation grade as California,
which is on track for an upgrade as revenue exceeds Democratic
Governor Jerry Brown’s estimates. Only Illinois has lower
ratings than New Jersey among U.S. states’.

“New Jersey continues to struggle with structural imbalance,”

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