Debunking The Iowa Republican Joni Ernst Lies – ‘D’oh! Another GOP Senate candidate caught in a big whopper’

The Last Of The Millenniums



Why keep lying?

Are Iowan voters that stupid?

Or does Joni Ernst just think they are?

“In fact, they say the opposite,” PolitiFact determines. “The lawyer, Thomas Lacina, writes “The implication from Mr. Braley was that he wants to avoid a ‘litigious situation.’”

Joni Ernst has seized on reports of Democrat Bruce Braley’s dispute with a neighbor over the neighbors’ chickens, which Braley and his wife complained were wandering onto the yard at their Holiday Lake, Iowa vacation home’.

‘Carolyn Braley lodged a complaint with the neighborhood’s homeowners association, which declined to take action against the neighbor’.

‘That prompted Bruce Braley to contact the homeowners association’s lawyer to complain about the association’s “lack of action.”

Republican Joni Ernst :

“Congressman, you threatened to sue a neighbor over chickens that came onto your property,” Ernst asserted. “You’re talking about bipartisanship — how do we expect as Iowans that you…

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