Personal Interaction: How GenY handles it


earthHave you ever yearn for personal interaction?

Born in the time where the peak of advance technology took over most of the lives of humanity, it might be a little off to let down gadgets and lose the appeal on any electronic-related kind of interaction like chat or text. Today, a thought came to me about how beautiful, how lively ad how precious, a physical conversation would be. The hand gestures, the raise of eyebrows, the sound of a laugh and all other things that might remain in you; most importantly the concrete feeling, and the presence.

The other night, my sister and I talked about the universe. Not the usual night, where we are (and most of this generation) leaning on the bright screens of phones, computers or televisions. We talked about galaxies, meteorites, and starburst outside, under the blanket of stars and the light of the moon. Iā€¦

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