Millennials and Technology: It’s Complicated


A study in deductive reasoning:

The Media says that “All Millennials are technology-obsessed.”

I am a Millennial.

Therefore, I’m obsessed…right?

I’ve been trying to get into Twitter for a few years now, but so far, it’s failed to seduce me. 140 characters is Communist! And anyways, how is a tweet different from a Facebook status update? (don’t answer that…)

Truth is, I have enough trouble keeping up with just one social media channel, and all of my attempts to branch out from Facebook have sputtered and died. For me, social media falls into the category of “I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THIS!!!,” along with untying my gym shoes and flossing.

I was a perfectly happy one-profile woman until I was at a National Training & Development conference in Dallas last year; I sat through so many “social media is the future of learning” seminars that I decided…

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