Social Media Emerges in Politics

Freaky Fresh Marketing

By: Austin Jensen


“It won’t be a question of how candidates use social media, but what candidates are saying on social media, and I think that’s good for the democratic process.”

November 4th is quickly approaching, and with it, commercials upon commercials of political campaign advertising.  We see it every time we get close to an election.  We see negative ads from opposing parties and we see positive ads.  What we have not seen until recently is the use of social media within politics.  Just 4 years ago, it would have been considered “ground breaking” for a politician to be using social media for their campaigning.  Now, over 90% of politicians use social media to promote their plans and to open themselves up to greater communication with the general public (the voters).

Facebook is by far the leader of all social media platforms for politicians and it would be tough…

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