No ID-ea: Voter ID Issues In North Texas

CW33 Dallas / Ft. Worth

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North Texas – It was a rainy day at the polls, but that was only the least of people’s worries.

The new Voter ID Law, requiring voters to have a photo ID, threw some folks in a tizzy, complicating – and even preventing – folks from marking their ballot.

Now, Dallas did provide a mobile Election Identification Station. In short, a place where you could go to if you don’t have an approved form of photo ID – to get an Election Identification Certificate.

“Well I brought everything, because I wasn’t sure,” voter Lenita Davis said.

But for those who lacked the alternative items too – well – it didn’t really help.

So did voters run into any other issues today?

“I’m a former resident of Tarrant County, so the address on my driver’s license has not been updated for Dallas County,” Tim Walker said. So, unfortunately…

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