3 Rules To Live By On How To Get Ahead

The Little Black Book of Business

Some of the easiest ways to get ahead in your career are the most simple rules to follow.

1. Show up.

Can I hear an “Amen”?! It’s amazing just how far showing up and being present can get you in life because an amazing percentage of people just never show up.

Laziness, a “blah” attitude, and “it’s just not worth it” commentary toward things keep most people at bay.

Whether it’s an interview, meeting, or networking event, it’s mind boggling of who doesn’t show up.

Just know that odds and opportunities are in your favor simply because you made the choice to be there.

2. Be resilient.

It tough to find tough, enduring people anymore. In case you haven’t noticed, work isn’t all about fun and games, and not every moment is living in a blissful wonderland.

The people who are good at what they do are resilient. They slog through follow-up emails…

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