Are Your Twenties Really the Right Time to Explore?

Sublunar Reflections

As a twenty-something, I spend a significant portion of my time thinking about what that means. In a literal sense, it means that I’m twenty-something years of age. Go me! But in the existential who-am-I sense, being a twenty-something means to be in a state of constant self-discovery. I’m always trying to figure out what defines me as a person. I’m thinking about what it is that I want to do and who I want to be. And I get the decade to figure myself out because that’s just what twenty-somethings do.

But I’ve been wondering recently, are your twenties really the right time to explore?

Twenty-somethings have the benefit of “not being tied down.” As our parents and older coworkers describe it, we don’t have kids and mortgages to hold us in any one place and overall we have less responsibilities demanding our time. Therefore, we can take a…

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