How To Be Friends With Debt Collectors

Twenty-Something & Hungry

broke bridesmaid

I will never forget a conversation that I had with a debt collector this past spring. I had been dodging a debt for about 3 years (very bad idea) until it finally caught up with me. My reluctance to pay this debt greeted other collectors’ calls with a slick attitude and a swift hang up. But not this time.

I was greeted by a voice that was pleasant and cordial like a patient pastor’s wife. So patient that I actually remembered her name from the care she took in pronouncing every simple syllable, “Tah-lee-ah.” Little did Miss Talia know that she would be my gaurdian angel of dealing with debt collectors from that moment on.

You see, my usual way of dealing with cold calling debt collectors was go away, I don’t have it, pay you… whenever. But something about Miss Talia made me feel like I could actually talk…

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