You Can Do It! 5 Tips for Realising Your Potential and Getting Started

Milaana Open

Words by Alison Killen

As students, we’re always telling ourselves we’re not ready. Too often we fall into the habit of viewing university as an incubator, with ‘real life’ beginning later. We tell ourselves we’re not ready to apply for that awesome internship, or even our dream jobs, until we graduate. But we’re underestimating ourselves;

It is never too early to just get started and to chase what you want!

In fact, we have skills that we can use right now; they’re just difficult to quantify, especially if you don’t have much experience. Having difficulty identifying your skills doesn’t mean you don’t have them; your strengths will become clearer as you keep working towards what you want. And sometimes we don’t know that we’re capable of something until we go ahead and do it.

Earlier this year at the IMPACT Conference, Simon Griffiths (founder of Who Gives a Crap

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