Leaked Issa Memo On Immigration Enforcement Tips Republican’s Hand


On October 23rd, 2013, Republican Darrell Issa announced that he was going to introduce an immigration proposal called the Alien Accountability Act. Even though an article ran in Politico about the AAA, it was never actually proposed as law. It just vanished as House Republicans pulled back on immigration reform until after this year’s midterm elections.

I’ve gotten my hands on the leaked one page memo from Issa’s office summarizing the Alien Accountability act and I’m publishing it here for the first time.

Click here for Darrell’s Issa’s Alien Accountability Act Memo
(Note: Handwritten marks on document are mine, not from Issa’s office.) 

In his Politico interview from October, Rep. Issa tried to make the Alien Accountability Act sound fair and balanced. (You know, just like Fox News.) He said:

“It’s halfway – and it always has been – halfway between full amnesty and simply rejecting people,” Issa told POLITICO…

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