5 Marketing Tips to Reach Millennials, From a Millennial

Sam and the City

I always find it so interesting to read about the Millennial generation and how difficult it is to reach us. In McKinsey’s iConsumers: Life Online research study, I was especially interested in a chapter titled “The Digital Youth: A Glimpse into Future Market Evolution.” This chapter gave a lot of compelling statistics and figures about my generation, and how our digital usage and consumption significantly outpaces that of other generations. I wanted to take this one step further, to show how companies can use this information to make their messages resonate with people like me.

  1. Embrace Multi-Tasking–Evidence shows that Millennials are significantly more likely to own multiple devices—tablets, smart phones, and gaming consoles just to name a few. With all of these options, we are always connected and often using more than one device at once. Marketers need to embrace this and use it to their benefit. While I’m watching…

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