Why are these people burying their heads in the sand? (Literally)


(Picture: REUTERS) Protesters are campaigning against the Australian government’s perceived refusal to act on climate change (Picture: REUTERS)

No, these people aren’t doing ostrich impressions.

In fact, hundreds of Australians buried their heads in the sands of Bondi Beach in a protest against the government’s ‘refusal’ to act on climate change.

Campaigners have branded the policy of Prime Minister Tony Abbott ’embarrassing’ in the wake of a deal struck between the US and China to limit their carbon footprints.

(Picture: REUTERS) Some people chose to headstand, apparently (Picture: REUTERS)

And protesters of all forms from surfers to suited businessmen buried their heads in the sands of Australia’s iconic Bondi Beach to highlight Mr Abbott’s perceived reluctance to accept climate change.

‘To be so far behind the rest of the developed world embarrasses progressive Australia,’ said Justin Field, a former army intelligence officer.

Mr Abbott famously claimed coal was ‘good for humanity’ in 2009 and became the…

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