How To Retain Generation Y?

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So far I’ve discussed Generation Y’s work needs, how companies can attract and develop their Gen Y workers. Now we will focus on retention, which is important because the average time spent in a job by under-35s is less than 3 years, which suggests that something isn’t working out. But it’s not as gloomy as it seems.

The good news is that 80% of Gen Y are less likely to leave their jobs if fulfilment increases by as little as 10%. If the only thing the business did was to ensure “the three conversations” (in the development blog) were held regularly, it would dramatically increase the chances of them staying.

However, people are not always leaving for the competition, instead they are exiting for adventure, society and entrepreneurialism. They are seeking productive experiences, which might be made up of moving discipline, moving within the network or working abroad. It requires…

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