Inside the Mind of Generation Y: Understanding Their Needs At Work

Jenny Williams Coaching

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Recently, a creative agency wooed and recruited a new Creative Director. However, when the CD started they found him inflexible in his approach, antisocial and militant in his music choices, to name but a few woes. After three months, he spoke with the HR Director. His opening words were “I’m clearly doing the best work here, when am I going to get promoted?” He lasted eight months. Sound familiar?

The challenges Generation Y bring to the workforce are well documented; lack of loyalty, confidence on steroids, disrespect for hierarchy and so on. The data reflects this pain; with 63% of business decision makers and 68% of recruiters admitting they find it difficult to manage Gen Y1. However, the provocation that Gen Y provides is important. They are challenging us to rethink how we work. We need to listen. Not only because in the next 10 years 75% of the global…

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