When you have so much to do, you decide to do nothing.


Being a college student, there are times in life when all is well. When everything works in your favor, and even the walk to your lifeless class seems appealing. But then there are days that were spawned from Satan himself. The days that seem like everything in your short, youthful life is due at once. It’s interesting how on the days you find your self with nothing to do your telling your self, “I’m so bored, get off the couch and do something with your life. You can’t just lie here all day. Get up, get up”. Yet the day you’re on your knees sucking the long dick of life’s deadlines your asking your self “Can I just kill myself now? Why must I HAVE to do everything? I just want to lie here all day, and do nothing; except maybe myself and Netflix”. Oh how hard life can be…

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