Why Hipsters Dress Like Lumberjacks: The Story of the “Lumbersexual”

Random Red Jets

imagesI recently came across this article that describes the trend of the “lumbersexual”, which is another inane term to describe the hipster lifestyle taste du jour. Much like the “metrosexual” term of the early 2000’s, this term will be forgotten as a result of our quickening taste for trends. My issue with this article is that the author failed to truly investigate how this whole trend came to be. Time for a history lesson.

cultfeat_4011(lumber1) How to be an urban lumberjack. 1: Selvedge denim, just like the railroad workers used to wear 2: Flannel cap 3: Axe (not the body spray you used in grade 8) 4 and 5: ??? 6: Diemme work boots 7: Flannel shirt

In 2008, North America experienced the worst financial crisis since the stock market crash of 1929. Millions were laid off, businesses underwent massive restructuring and organizational changes, and society as a whole became a…

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