“You left your read receipts on, asshole.”

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Photo credit: http://thethingsilearnedfrom.com/turn-read-receipts/ Photo credit: http://thethingsilearnedfrom.com/turn-read-receipts/

I want to discuss my first installment of texting in relationships. This is a huge topic, with seemingly endless subtopics, so let’s start simple, shall we?

Read receipts. They ruin lives.

There are supporters and opponents for this iPhone feature. So let’s explore both sides.

I have friends who have very busy lives, and they use read receipts to let their friends know that they did indeed read their text, but they are too busy to answer at the moment. Fair enough.

But the negative side of this battle is much stronger. I’ve seen people cry over seeing a read receipt on a text but seeing no response from their boyfriend. I’ve seen girls use read receipts in daily texting so that when they are ignoring someone, that person knows it.

Such a seemingly innocent iPhone feature has caused so much negativity. I wonder if…

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