Advocates goal was never Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Many immigration advocates are already saying, is thanks to them and their pressure that President Obama will act on immigration…which in part is true, but without the good heart of our president their pleads would have been ignored ..but, can you imagine if they had pressured congress? Obama would be signing Immigration Reform instead of an executive action.
Wrong strategy.

After getting all the recommendations from a team of advisors and Secretary Jeh Johnson, President Obama said he will act as broad as possible on immigration the next coming weeks.

The executive action the president can take would grant prosecutorial discretion on deportations to a certain group of undocumented immigrants under certain categories. This means there is no way for Obama to help all 11 million undocumented in the country by executive action. Only congress can do that by changing the existing immigration law. And even then, is possible not all enter the criteria the law will cover.

Advocates have been saying he should give all 11 million deportation relief but thats inaccurate and impossible to achieve through administration orders, that’s why the presidente had said he is not king. Because what he has been asked to do by this organizations, is what kings do.

President Obama will act, and we should all be grateful for what he is doing for the immigrant community. Whatever it is he can do to help, we should only be grateful.
He is risking the next two years of partnership (or lack of it ) with congress by acting on his own despite all kinds of threats coming from Republicans, including impeachment and government shutdown. And he is still willing to act because is the right thing to do.

The job is not done until we get Reform. What the president can do to fix the system is just a very small part of the real solution and it can be revoked by the next president.

I really hope we see some real pressure on congress the next few months and even years from all the Pro Immigration Reform organizations and Activists.
So, if we continue to see more “Obama didn’t deliver” bashing.. then, there is not going to be any doubt this organizations belong to the Republican Party. Untrusting and completely not representing the undocumented community. Is time for new leadership .

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