It’s All About the Likes

Social Media In a Millennial's World

In today’s world, we are a generation consumed by social media and it seems like a “like” means everything. “Virtually every Web site that governs our social interactions these days puts numbers front and center, like a bold-faced, numerical tally of your precise social worth” (Dewey). We count the number of followers on Twitter and the number of friends we have on Facebook. Even recent additions to the social media community like Yik Yak allow people to upvote or downvote (similarly to Reddit), deeming a post popular depending on how many upvotes it gets. These numbers are largely responsible for the anxieties that people feel with social media use. Numerical feedback impacts our behavior and in the last several years, social media is a large culprit of social anxieties among billions of people. Consequently, people create online versions of themselves so that they can get more friends or “likes.”…

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