Millennials: The Definition of Flexibility

Making Yourself Standout in the "Real World"

One of the keynote speakers at the PRSSA National Conference was Pam Jenkins who is the President for Powell Tate. Her company works in “strategic communications and public affairs.” She spoke about Millennials and how they would change the idea of public relations, marketing and the work world. She talked about the excitement she had for Millennials and where they would take public relations.

After listening to what she said, it got me thinking about why. Why does she think we will change public relations, marketing and the work world? What about us gets her excited? And why are we different and what makes us different from the generations before us?

This picture is from The Charis Group and From

The next day at the conference the keynote speakers were Thomas W. Hoog, Vice Chair, Training and New Business, Hill+Knowlton Strategies and Maril Gagen MacDonald, Chief Executive Officer and Founder…

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