Why are Millennials Leaving the Church?: A Personal Reflection


I am a Millennial. I grew up in the Church. I made a conscious decision to “leave” the Church. And somehow, I’ve ended up attending Yale Divinity School in pursuit of my Masters of Divinity. I’m sure it will all make sense one day.

I know what you must be thinking, here’s another article about the age-old debate. Most of these obnoxious articles are written by someone within the Church who don’t identify as a millennial. As a millennial, who has left the Church, I have some things to say about this. Let me be clear, I’m not stating that all millennials feel this way, or all Churches are inherently harmful. This is just my reflection of my personal experiences.

So, why is it so problematic that Millennials are leaving the Church? What is at stake?

Yes, I know that’s a loaded question. I’ve seen countless rants in blogs, Facebook posts…

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