A Timeline of the LGBT Community at Michigan State University

Archives @ MSU

Early twentieth century saw an almost non-existent gay population on campus and even in the area. Students recalled a time when there were no gay bars, no gay community, and not even a real way to identify as gay (History at MSU, Report). The 1950s saw “gay purges” where people would be requested to take a lie detector test at the police station where they were asked intimate details about possible gay relations and would often leave the community (History at MSU, Report). One man was banned from the ROTC after he had been questioned. There was a looming fear for safety and job security if the community found out someone was gay, and therefore creating support groups was not a safe choice. (The Final Report Vol. I of the University Wide Task-Force on Lesbian and Gay Issues, 1992: A History of the Gay and Lesbian Experience at Michigan State…

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