College Students! Shop and Spend Wisely!


Dear Incoming College Freshmen,

Congratulations as you plan on your first semester of your “adult” education. It is likely that your future universities and state colleges will have endured dire cutbacks and huge tuition hikes. According to Dr. William Bowen, President Emeritus of Princeton University, and his thought on the “cost disease” in higher education, one out of every two of you will complete your college education, and those who don’t will often carry the biggest student loan debts and these loans will follow you for many years to come.

In today’s world, college degree is a necessity for good employment; but it does not necessarily guarantee a high paying job. Unfortunately, paying off those student loans is far from easy, especially if you choose to try to make it on your own right after graduation rather than moving back home. Rent comes first, if you want to have a…

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