Why Your Sexuality Should Not Lose You Your Faith

Get Real.

5379852676_3bb8ae5210_o Can religion and sexuality ever be reconciled? Standen thinks yes and tells you why. Credits: Edward Musiak

I’m a believer and also a lesbian. I am a paradox, right?

For years I battled a raging internal conflict, burning in my own hell-fires of disorientation, struggling to reconcile my sexuality and religion. Bombarded with misleading and confusing ‘religious’ messages about homosexuality, I felt ashamed to accept the truths of my own sexual orientation, let alone voice them aloud. Watching the fervent legions of Westboro Baptist Church members surging through streets, waving their God hates fags signs, I felt dirty and impure for feelings and thoughts that I did not chose to have. I lied to myself and lied to others, pretending to be something I was not so that I would not displease my religion. Not only was I in that notorious closet, I was buried six-feet under…

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